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Now THAT's a cherry pie. (Image: Clay Griffith / Cincinnati Refined)

Getting Your Sugar High At Bluebird Bakery

Alright. The holidays are officially behind us. The Season of Eating is winding to a close.

Sigh... So long, societally sanctioned gluttony. We had a good run, didn't we?

However! Trying to hop off the nosh train cold-turkey-style does little more than create one of those gnawing internal hungers that we all know is just a backfire waiting to happen. The wiser approach, it would seem, is the gradual "paring down" method. Fortunately enough, that means that splicing in a cookie or slice of pie is not only acceptable, it's entirely advisable. Happy sigh.

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, doctor, or anything close to a trained healthcare professional. I am simply a fella with a healthy sweet tooth. Take my advice with as many grains of salt as you feel necessary.

Anyway. This is the time of year that I search out spots that not only nail it on the sweets front, but provide a few other (preferably healthier) options as well. Fresh on the hunt, I recently happened into Bluebird Bakery.

The bakery (which has been rocking Glendale's historic Village Square since 1996) is probably best known for its pies and cakes, including their much-celebrated wedding cakes. But really, anything and everything that comes out of their ovens and across their counters is pretty stellar. Check the pics for some mouthwatering cupcakes, cookies, bars, and the obligatory Buckeyes.

Bluebird also has a pretty solid breakfast and lunch menu. And that, my fellow sugar addicts, is where the whole gradual pare down thing comes into play. While you can get away with a cookie or two with your turkey and provolone on whole grain for the time being, it's also easy enough to let the cafe's tasty entree options slowly edge their way into the center of the spotlight.

Next thing you know, you'll actually be able to make a conscious decision about whether or not you'd like to have a slice of carrot cake or not. Granted, you'll most likely come to the same conclusion ("Yes, please. And make it a thick one."), but at least you'll be capable of something resembling self-control.

Long story short: If your friends and family are on the verge of hosting a post-holiday sugar intervention for you, consider beating them to the punch by placing yourself on a "slow & steady wind down" regimen. And then head to Bluebird Bakery, where whatever you get -- sweet or not -- is gonna leave you as happy as Christmas morning coffee cake.

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