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4632 Eastern Ave. used to be the site of renowned Italian restaurant Bella Luna. But now… well now, it’s fair game to be any kinda restaurant you like. If interested in bringing your concept to reality, give building owner Mike Meretta a call: 513-405-0110. / Image: Daniel Smyth // Published: 3.19.17

The Former Bella Luna Space Would Be An Ideal Spot For Your Big Restaurant Idea

Looking to get in on Greater Cincinnati’s booming restaurant scene? I don’t blame you. There’s no dearth of excellent places to eat in the Queen City these days. Our tastes are elevated, our palates are more informed, and those of us at Cincinnati Refined are always looking out for that next great dining experience.

Oversaturated, you say? Hardly. Especially in the east end neighborhood of Linwood, where this beautiful and historic building (c. 1884) sits, waiting for an enterprising restaurateur.

Could be you. Maybe you’ve had a restaurant concept in the back of your head for years—a rustic Italian eatery or an authentic English pub. And maybe you’ve reached a point in life where you can actually chase that dream down.

Well, this building, at 4632 Eastern Avenue, is tailor-made for a restaurant. For 15 years it was home to Bella Luna. Before that, Shrimper’s Cafe occupied the space. And it’s no wonder both were highly successful; the building sits between two of Cincinnati’s most affluent communities: Anderson and Hyde Park. But it draws from an area much larger.

Just as important is owner Mike Meretta, who is excited to work with a renter to create a perfectly accommodating environment. And speaking of the environment, here’s what you’d be getting:

  • 200-seat restaurant
  • Large kitchen with a new stove
  • Beautiful and well lit bar
  • Vast parking lot

So, are you the right person? Are you a dreamer? Are you ready to do something supremely creative? Are you willing to take the plunge?

If yes, give owner Mike Meretta a call at 513-405-0110, drop him an email at, or call Ted Dahmus of Petermann Properties 513-361-3780. You could be dishing out your first culinary creations before you know it!