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Spiced nuts rooibos tea (Image: Leah Zipperstein / Cincinnati Refined)

Forget About Coffee Dates, We're Having A Tea Party

Most people drink a cup of coffee in the morning. Not me, though. I'm more of a tea person. I don't like to start my days at a sprinter's pace when I'm about to run a marathon. The calming effects of tea are more my speed. It awakens the soul before the brain. It warms the body and slowly stimulates the mind. And it's good. Simple as that.

There is a struggle, however. Coffee usually wins in the court of public opinion. There are way more "coffee shops" than "tea houses," wouldn't you say? Granted most coffee places sell tea, but it's rarely their focus. So, for the tea lovers out there, the struggle is in finding others who share our passion for custom blends, ginsengs, and infusers.

Good news! I think I found the place. Essencha Tea House in Oakley is a tea maven's heaven. Do you know how you recognize heaven? It's a place with over 100 varieties of what you love. It's a place that has more things you haven't tried than things you have. It's a place filled with names like orange blossom, mango tango, and the choicest of oolongs.

Plus, they serve delicious vegetarian food. Most non-veggie peeps would likely complain that rabbit food isn't filling. Hand raised. But after enjoying the vegetable crepe (w/ fruit cup) + ginger carrot soup (w/ roasted cauliflower), I was totally stuffed. I had to box up the quinoa mixed green salad. And now, a scrumptious lunch awaits.


Essencha Tea House is located at 3212 Madison Rd.

For more information, one can visit their website or Facebook page.