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Namaste Tacos: meatless meat (made in house), Sister Mary Rosarita hummus, and jalapeño slaw, on corn tortillas / Image: Sarah Vester // Published: 8.7.17

We’re Fond Of This Montgomery Eatery That’s All About Local And Organic Ingredients

Fond: a French culinary term for “base” or “foundation;” the little browned bits of food on the bottom of a pan typically used to make a sauce


Chef Ethan Snider returned to his hometown of Cincinnati approximately six years ago, after having worked in numerous restaurants across the country. He was determined to make a name for himself. But at first, Snider didn’t know what he wanted to do, other than sell something at the local farmers' markets. Eventually — because of its versatility — that something became hummus.

Rewind to October 2014 and that's when Snider has transformed the commercial kitchen where he started making hummus into Fond: Lunch and Deli. The deli serves both breakfast and lunch, much of which is made from local, organic ingredients.

While Snider is proud of what Fond has become, he isn’t done yet. If you ask, Snider will tell you everything leading up to Fond was his foundation — and now, he’s developing his special sauce.


Fond: Lunch and Deli is located at 10764 Montgomery Rd. (45242). Or, you can find Snider's hummus at one of the many farmers' markets around town.