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Fete d Été (a progressive dinner by bike) took place on Thursday, May 19 around Cincinnati. The five participating restaurants were Market Wines, The Anchor, Zula, Kaze, and Boca. / Image: Austin Coop

Last Night, There Was A Progressive Wine Dinner By Bike. (... & You Totally Missed Out)

Question: What do you get when you pair five exceptional wines with five of Cincinnati's hottest spots?

Answer: The best bicycle progressive dinner you ever imagined.

Welcome to the Fête d' Été, our new favorite excuse to ride a bicycle.

The brainchild of Oregon-based Anne Amie's winemaker, Thomas Houseman, the Fête d' Été is a way for Thomas to combine some of his favorite things: great local food, cycling, and his remarkable wine. The end result is a whole new way to experience a wine tasting, and it rolled into Cincinnati for the first time last night (May 19).


Stop 1: Market Wines
Stop 2: The Anchor
Stop 3: Zula
Stop 4: Kaze
Stop 5: Boca


Uhh... let me pop a couple of advil and get back to you on that one.

Suffice to say, whether you're a wine connoisseur, hardcore foodie or just love having a fun time on a bicycle, the Fête d' Été is an event you won't want to miss in the future.

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