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Four Seasons Marina (home to Pirate's Cove, The Sandbar, and leagues of good times) is located at 4609 Kellogg Ave. in Cincinnati's East End. [Image: Clay Griffith / Cincinnati Refined]

Every Bar Should Have Sand

Whether it's within our reality or not, most of us would love to work less and play more. We make bucket lists because wishful thinking is all we have when working 60+ hour weeks. We read the NY Times Travel Section and dream about our next vacation. We do all of these things, and yet, we know we're lucky if we can find the time to meet up with our friends who we haven't seen in a month.
We want something to inspire us. We want a mental escape. We want a life planner. Those are all "wants." What we need? We need to just do it. Of course, if it were that simple, everything else I've just written would kind of be null and void. So instead... we need to find some freedom that's within our grasp.

Good news: I've found it. In the unlikeliest of spots -- Pirate's Cove. Located at the Four Seasons Marina in the East End, this restaurant and bar will get you dipping your toes in the sand and saying "Kowabunga Dude." Or, in a more likely scenario, dipping your toes in the sand and cracking open a Corona.

In truth, the entire Four Seasons Marina is a pretty magical place. With a driving range that has you hitting markers in the water, The Sandbar (for volleyball fun), and the aforementioned Pirate's Cove, it's like you've stepped into another universe.

This riverside oasis comes fully stocked with all the vacation-themed drinks you could imagine. Plus, the scenery -- free from skyscrapers & city lights -- adds to the "peace out, Cincy" experience. Lush trees, open water, and unknown territory in the distance (a.k.a. Kentucky) gives you the feeling that you could be almost anywhere. And that's rather important if your goal at the time is to feel very much like you're "not here."


Restaurants (Yesterday's, Sandbar, & Pirate's Cove)
Boating, because it is a marina, after all
Volleyball at The Sandbar
Four Seasons golf club & driving range
Nearby (Coney Island, Lunken, Riverbend, and two public golf courses)

While this might not be your 7-day, 7-night all-inclusive Cancun vacation, it could be your any-day-of-the-week escape from the real world. And that's pretty important to have too.


For more information about Four Seasons Marina and the amenities it offers, one can visit the website.