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Embers Restaurant is probably best known as steakhouse, but it also has an amazing selection of sushi and craft cocktails. And here’s the best part… on Wednesday nights, they offer half-price sushi in the bar. ADDRESS: 8170 Montgomery Road (45236) / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 1.27.18

Half-Price Sushi Night At Embers Is The Place To Be

The most happening place in the city on a Wednesday night is not what you’d expect, unless you expected it to be a restaurant located in Kenwood — technically, Madeira. And the restaurant in question? Well, it's Embers.

The fine dining establishment opened in 2004. And 10+ years later, it's still going strong. While Embers is certainly known for its steak selection — and if I were to get a filet anywhere in the Tri-State, it’d be there — one of the more underrated menu offerings is the sushi. Correction: It’s only underrated for those who don’t know about it. For those of us who’ve been loyal patrons since the beginning well, we give it the face-savoring-food emoji rating. Which, in actual rating terms (and in case you weren't catching my drift), is quite high.

That brings me back to Wednesday nights the night when Embers offers half-price sushi in the bar. By 7pm, the parking lot will, undoubtedly, be packed. The C-Suite level executives will be joining their husbands or wives at a high-top table. Orders for the salmon tempura roll will be making their way into the kitchen. And you, unless you’ve also taken the trip to Kenwood, will be missing out.

Nowadays, there are plenty of great places to get sushi in this city. I can think of a few off the top of my head, like Kaze in OTR, Mei in Montgomery, and Ichiban in Mt. Lookout. They all have their own unique stamp on this Japanese culinary masterpiece. But one of my all-time favorite places to break out the chopsticks and mix a little wasabi is Embers. It has been since 2004 and still is today. And there’s no better time to treat yourself to a Kobe roll or a colorful array of nigiri than on a Wednesday evening. Just be sure to get there early. (Trust me.)

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Embers Restaurant is located at 8170 Montgomery Road (45236.)