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E+O Kitchen is located in Hyde Park at 3520 Edwards Rd. (45208). -- Image courtesy of E+O Kitchen

We're Just A Tad Bit Obsessed With E+O Kitchen

So. Christmas has come and gone. The highest holiday in the so-called "season of eating" has occurred. The splurging has reached near-dizzying heights.

And now...

Well, now we just kinda bide our time. We waffle about, unsure of which side of the gluttony-fence to land on. Do we keep on doubling down on the cookies, grazing on the pie, and reveling in the culturally sanctioned day-drinking? Or do we get a jump on the inevitable "This is the year I start eating healthy, dammit!" resolution?

Or... OR ....

Do we opt to still keep on eating with seasonally appropriate relish/gusto, but simply trade quantity for quality? (And hey, maybe even splice in a bit of "wholesome" and "organic" while we're at it.)

If that sounds like a plan to you, then you might wanna set your sights on Earth and Ocean (E+O) Kitchen in Hyde Park.


Isn't that the building where?

Yup. It sure is.

This address has hosted a few notable eateries in the past. Namely, Beluga & Dancing Wasabi. In fact, the owner of Beluga, Mike Hama, is one of the forces behind the building's newest iteration.

But, this time, he's brought along some new friends. Segue!

The Food Is

Getting rave reviews.

The menu, which is founded on the aforementioned combination of Asian and Latin dishes, ranges from sashimi to tacos. And though the restaurant has its roots in Chicago's E+O Food and Drink , it's got far more originality up its sleeve than your run-of-the-mill spin-off.

Chef Rodelio Aglibot (a.k.a. "Food Buddha") of the flagship E+O location has put in work designing a new menu for this Cincy outpost. But when it comes to the on-the-ground action, it's Executive Chef Owen Maas (whose Ohio-foodie resume includes Cumin and M Wood Fired Pizza, along with Columbus's Bel Lago) who will be bringing the day-to-day life & magic.

But hold up. That's not the only freshness in E+O's game.

The Spot Is

Easy breezy beautiful.

I was leaning toward describing the eatery's airy, dripping-with-beach-house-vibes goodness as "redonk." But then again... That descriptor might end up painting an inaccurately frenetic picture.

So how 'bout we take that rather ungraduated "redonk" and give it a more elevated mindset, an upgraded wardrobe, and a snazzier, more mature cocktail? Yeah, that feels about right.

So Basically

First: Picture an ultra-fly, HGTV-level beach house.

Then: Pipe in plenty of upscale-casual/ snazzy-accessible/ energetic-mellow ambiance.

And finally: Bust out some top-notch edibles. (We're talkin' 'bout the kind of eats that not only confirm the out-and-out radness of Cincy's food scene, but also help ya feel like you're sticking the landing on that whole holiday-eating quandary.

And There You Have It...

Go ahead and eat. Just eat well.

- - -

E+O Kitchen is located just off of Hyde Park Square, at 3520 Edwards Rd. (45208). Want to learn more? Visit