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Happy Chicks Bakery is located at 4035 Hamilton Ave. in Northside. [Image: Clay Griffith / Cincinnati Refined]

Did Somebody Say "Cupcakes?"

A Cincinnati independent bakery
dedicated to creative flavors and artistic presentation,
all done with kindness + love.
- Happy Chicks BakeryI mean, the description alone has all the ingredients for a delectable experience... Just imagine what their treats have in store! (Are you actually imagining? Good.) Let's hop over to Northside for a taste of that quirky Happy Chicks Bakery flavor you've been hearing so much about.


This Hamilton Ave. bakery/ eatery wants to add a little light to your life. One step inside the bright & airy dining space and it's obvious: these gals got taste. From the artfully curated seating options (dibs on the lawn setee!) to the actual art on the walls, the space is designed to help you sidestep the routine and enter another, slightly funkier, world. ... & Cue the food! (Which, no big deal, just so happens to be vegan. Whaaa? You were already 3/4s of the way through that sandwich before you even realized, right? Yep. That's just the way Happy Chicks kicks it.)


Long story short, Jana & Jessica loved baking. "So," they reckoned, "why not do it full time." And the crowd went wild. The pair's way with vegan treats has garnered such a positive response from the noshing public that the duo has gone from working in entirely other fields to rocking their own brick-&-mortar bakery in a mere couple of years. The proof, as they say, is in the cupcakes. (That's how that saying goes, right?)


The cupcakes. Defos. With a kaleidoscopic (& sometimes zany) approach to flavors, this shop always has something to keep your palate simultaneously happy and on its toes. Take a peek at the cupcake menu; Northside's trademark independent spirit is alive, well, and whipping up a batch of awesomeness in the Happy Chicks kitchen.

And yes, they do indeed do weddings & such, too. Because we all know you were wonderin'.


Now, y'all know that no trip to a bakery is complete without a dip into their cookie stores. As such, I had to grab a bag of Chunky Monkey cookies on my merry way out the door. The sack was empty before I pulled away from my parking spot.


Love vegan? Sweet. This adorable little shop is waiting, arms open, ready to rock your world.
Not so much? Sweet. This adorable little shop is waiting, arms open, ready to rock your world.

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Wanna learn more about Happy Chicks Bakery? Check 'em out online, visit the Facebook page, or hop over in person (4035 Hamilton Ave., 45223)