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At Cuban Pete's, a delicious plethora of menu of items are ready for ordering, but few are more satisfying than the El Cubano sandwich. Located at 133 East Court Street, Cincinnati 45202. / Image courtesy of Cuban Pete / Published: 11.1.16

Cuban Pete's El Cubano Is The Sandwich The World Needs Right Now

In the midst of a contentious election season, it's worth remembering the sage advice of 30 Rock's Liz Lemon: "All anyone wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich." Truer words have never been spoken.

Which is why I've chosen to highlight the El Cubano sandwich, consisting of yellow mustard, roast pork, glazed ham, Swiss cheese, perhaps a spot of mayo, and thinly sliced pickles on a loaf of buttered Cuban bread.

If you haven't had one before, the ingredients might seem a bit incongruous at first. But if you have had a Cuban sammie, then you know the result of those seemingly incongruous ingredients are anything but. It is, in fact, a flavor bomb, perpetrated with abandon by the daring combination of mustard and pickles with a rich cheese and pork two ways.

And in Cincinnati, no one does it better than Cuban Pete Sandwiches.

Located centrally on Court Street, Cuban Pete is one of Downtown Cincinnati's best lunch spots. Of course, the El Cubano there is perfectly executed — a miraculous blend of salty and (a little bit of) sweet. That's what you’d expect.

But to be very honest, I’m not sure the regular Cuban is even the best thing on the menu. What about the Cincy Cuban, which includes goetta? Or the Chicky Boom sandwich, with sweet Jamaican jerk and Sriracha? Or, finally, the El Hombre, 10 ounces of marinated prime steak with bacon on a Cubano loaf?

But you come back to the Cuban sandwich because... well, because that’s why you came to Cuban Pete. One El Cubano with sides of sweet plantains and ham croquettes and a café con leche.

Also, because according to Liz Lemon, you're solving the world's problems, one Cubano at a time. So there's that.

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Check out Cuban Pete’s at 133 East Court St, Cincinnati 45202.