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Main Style Roll: 1/4 lb Maine lobster, chilled lemon mayo, wacky pea tendrils / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 6.16.17

Get A Taste Of The East Coast With A Visit To Court Street Lobster Bar

Is that the red or the white? I’m referencing the scene in Ace Ventura Pet Detective when Ace must use the “New England Clam Chowder” password to get behind a locked door. Remember that scene? Classic.

Well, it has nothing to do with what I’m about to discuss below, except for New England seafood… That’s the loose tie that my brain created for you as we dive into Court Street Lobster Bar, an exciting new restaurant located on the west side of Downtown.

Owner Dan Swormstedt had wanted to open a lobster shack-style eatery since 2011. A visit to Luke’s Lobster in Washington DC was the inspiration for the idea. But things take time. Fast forward to Good Friday of 2017, and Court Street Lobster Bar made its debut.

The restaurant is located on Court Street (hence the name). It's next door to the Queen City Exchange. They feed off of each other nicely, as QCE is a bar that does not serve food. That allows for Court Street Lobster Bar to pick up some nice extra business, on top of its regular parade of customers.

And the regulars and newbies alike are pleased with what they’re dishing out. “When a native Maine resident says your lobster rolls more than pass the test — or a Bostonian tells you that they never expected to like a roll more than their home-based lobster shack, then you know you are doing it right,” said Swormstedt.

I’m not from the East Coast, so I can’t attest to those statements, but I will say what I had was hella delicious. And fresh. Which is pretty key when it comes to seafood. It probably doesn’t hurt that the man in charge of the kitchen is no stranger to churning out top-quality food. Clint Walker Jr. has worked at Jeff Ruby establishments, Boca, and, most recently, with the Thunderdome Group (of Bakersfield, Eagle, Krueger’s Tavern, and Maplewood Kitchen fame). Suffice to say, he knows what he’s doing.

But don’t take my word for it. Head there yourself.

Oh, and it’s the white. The white New England Clam Chowder, that is.

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Court Street Lobster Bar is located at 28 W. Court Street (45202).