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Birthday Cake, or G√Ęteau d'Annniversaire, is a staple at the Macaron Bar. Macarons can be ordered individually or in boxes of 6 or 12. / Image: Maggie Heath-Bourne // Published: 1.1.18<p></p>

It's Okay To Reward Your "Get Fit" New Year's Resolution With A Cookie... Or Two

We know, we know... Now is the time for New Year's resolutions, for getting in the best shape of your life. Right? And we're totally on board. But you can't go gung-ho on a new workout plan without including a few rewards along the way. So for those who love cookies and will soon discover a love of working out, here's the reward to which you can look forward.

Jenny's Homemade Cookies

For those hoping to scoop up a delicious package of cookies on the go, look no further than Jenny’s Homemade Cookies. With 26 daily varieties of cookies, as well as seasonal treats like Dutch Apple, Gingerbread, and Chocolate Chip Candy Cane, customers can mix and match any flavors and quantities they like to create the perfect gift box. The secret to these popular, quarter-pound cookies is high-quality ingredients. Owner Jenny Chasteen uses only pure vanilla, Ghirardelli chocolate, and lots of butter (no shortening!) to create her rich cookies. “I never deviate from the best ingredients,” she says.

ADDRESS: 6143 Bridgetown Rd. (45248)

Cincinnati Cake and Candy Supplies

Cincinnati Cake and Candy Supplies offers over 750 cookie cutters in every conceivable shape and size. In the store alone, shoppers can find a whole row of different sizes of gingerbread man cutters. Lisa Donaldson, the manager, says, “We always tell people, we have all the supplies and the knowledge for everyone to do this at their house.” With walls stocked high with sprinkles, molds, icing mixes, and tins, it’s certainly a baker’s paradise.

ADDRESS: 1785 E Galbraith Rd. (45215)

The Macaron Bar

The Macaron Bar is here to provide another rectangular option if you're looking to indulge that sweet tooth. Their boxed treats come in quantities of 6 to 12 macarons and are available in classic flavors like Birthday Cake and Coffee, as well as seasonal varieties like Egg Nog, Peppermint, and Gingerbread.

ADDRESS: 1206 Main St. (45202)

And all of a sudden, I'm craving cookies. Thank goodness for a little thing called willpower... and, a Fitbit. Until I hit that daily 10,000 step count, no cookies for me. I best be going then! I've got some walking to do.