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After a minute or two in Coffee Please, your holiday stress will slowly melt away like a marshmallow in a perfect cup of hot chocolate. (... Or whipped cream on a latte.) / (Image: Austin Sayre)

Coffee Please: It's the "Cheers" of Coffee Shops

Around this time of year, after school has let out for winter break, and the mall has been completely overrun by last-minute shoppers, I find myself searching for a holiday safe haven. A place where I can enjoy a cup of something warm and await an impending snow storm without the commercialization of Christmas slapping me upside the head like a wet reindeer hoof. Madeira's Coffee Please walks the line between festive and tasteful while serving up a delicious cup of locally roasted coffee.

Coffee Please, located on Miami Avenue in Madeira, is the "Cheers" of coffee shops. It's a local meeting spot where the coffee is fresh, the ambiance is bustling, and you're sure to bump into someone you know. The drink menu is an assortment of the tried-and-true and the inventive (ever had a Snow Drift?) with a heaping helping of seasonal offerings for those in need of a sugar rush. Never fear, though, the more traditional espresso bar concoctions are yours for the asking. Order a cup of coffee and a scone, settle at an artsy, little cafe table, and spend the morning catching up with an old friend. It's the perfect place to camp out on a cozy winter's day and take a break from the extended family bursting the seams of your house.

So that you don't arrive back home from your "errand" suspiciously empty handed, Coffee Please also sells an amazing assortment of beautifully roasted coffee beans. I suggest taking home their signature blend, Madeira's Choice, and brewing up a pot o' Joe to fuel the coming midnight wrapping scramble. You can also use your escape to stock up on a few last-minute stocking stuffers with Coffee Please's stock of old-fashioned candy, Jeni's homemade ice creams, or holiday coffee gift packages. (Snickerdoodle, Yum!)

To help prolong your time away from Uncle Fred's eggnog-induced jokes, Coffee Please also serves up lunch. After a warm sandwich (my favorite is the corned beef Reuben), a lovely latte, and a chocolate chip cookie that you didn't have to make yourself, your holiday stress will slowly dissolve like a marshmallow in a perfect cup of hot chocolate. Whether you're a true local or commuting to visit this fabulous little haunt, Coffee Please is the perfect holiday hideaway.

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Coffee Please is located at 6930 Miami Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45243.
For hours & such, check here.