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Cocoon Coffee combines the comforts of a coffee shop with the amenities of a home office into a single enjoyable experience. Serving Stumptown Coffee, a Portland-based roaster, anyone can sit down with a cup of joe, print documents, scan what they need, and work in a public environment. / ADDRESS: 6209 Snider Rd. A (45040) / Image: Christi Scott // Published: 3.22.17

For Those Who Work From Home, Consider Going To Cocoon Coffee Instead

When it comes to getting work done, more often than not there’s a caffeinated beverage (or three) propelling us to the finish line. For many, said beverage is crafted in coffee shops that contribute a table, a drink, and a Wi-Fi signal to the productivity pursuit. But what if your task suddenly requires a printer? A whiteboard? An incredibly comfortable chair for maximum efficiency?

Enter Cocoon Coffee — Mason’s newest coffee shop that wants to be your office away from the home office.

Their mission: “to light up the world one happy place at a time.”

Their passion: offering outstanding, consistent quality in every aspect of their service.


Connoisseurs of coffee know Stumptown Coffee Roasters is synonymous with quality, which guarantees each cup of joe will have the purest flavor imaginable.

Cocoon also offers the tastiest of treats from local bakeries, including Donna’s Gourmet Cookies and Boosalis Baking and Cafe.


Owner Christine Sandoval, who has a pharmacy background, spent her childhood in her grandmother’s coffee shop in the Philippines. There, she learned how excellent coffee and hospitality go hand-in-hand.


Full disclosure: I’m only writing this article from home because it’s too late in the day for pajamas to be socially acceptable. Otherwise, I guarantee I’d be sitting in one of Cocoon's extremely comfortable leather chairs tickling the ivories of my laptop while a lavender vanilla latte pines for my attention. (But I can assure you, previous Cincinnati Refined articles have come from the comforts of Cocoon.)

When you walk through the doors and are greeted by the warm aromas of freshly brewed coffee, you’ll also notice two uniquely decorated areas:

  • Area 1: for casual guests to use however they like (e.g. book reading, conversations, beverage photo shoots for Instagram, etc.)
  • Area 2: a workspace with all the fixings for the professional who wants a change of scenery

There are even modern indoor photo booths for your business or personal calls without having to step into the frigid Cincinnati winter temperatures (2017 excluded).

Whether it be work or pleasure that brings you in, come for the coffee and stay for the happy.


Cocoon Coffee is located at 6209 Snider Rd. A, Mason, OH 45040.