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Cincinnati Refined Is Hosting A Downtown Happy Hour, And You're Invited

Put a big red circle around Friday, January 27 in your calendar. (Or, you know, create a google event.) Because that’s when Cincinnati Refined will be hosting a Happy Hour at Prime Cincinnati, located at the corner of 6th and Walnut downtown.

And this won’t be any old Happy Hour. Nope. Get your air quotes ready – this’ll be a "Happiest of Hours" event.

Don’t superlatives have a way of making something seem so much more fun? But in this case, it’s the truth. And not just because you’ll have the opportunity to hang with the Cincinnati Refined crew (no autographs, please) but because you’ll get to hang with the Cincinnati Refined crew at Prime Cincinnati.

Prime Cincinnati’s happy hour prices will run all night – here's a link to the menu.

Our recommendation... Either the oysters or the sliders, both of which you can wash down with a blood orange cosmopolitan. And do disregard the “Sex and the City” association; cosmopolitans in any form are delicious, all the better if they’re blood orange in support of our favorite division two sports franchise.

So, to recap — very important people, happy hour pricing, fabulous downtown restaurant, obligatory FC Cincinnati reference… looks like we're about to win Cincinnati's pop culture bingo. Take the streetcar to round out a victory.

See you there, folks. Cheers!

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Prime Cincinnati is located at 580 Walnut Street, Downtown Cincinnati. Check out their website here.