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Findlay Kitchen is a business incubator that’s helping aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their culinary goals. ADDRESS: 1719 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 / Image courtesy of Findlay Kitchen // Published: 12.26.16

Findlay Kitchen Is Making Culinary Dreams Come True

There are pretty much two things I truly love in this world:

  1. Food
  2. Talking about food

And while that may make it sound like my interests are limited, deep culinary conversations are fires that seemingly won’t burn out for me.

The new Findlay Kitchen, a street-level space adjacent to our beloved Findlay Market, is just fuel for that fire. It takes the two things I love and adds a third ingredient: entrepreneurial spirit.


Findlay Kitchen is a food business incubator located in the heart of the historic Findlay Market district. Here, you’ll find over 8,000 square feet of shared-use kitchen and aspiring entrepreneurs. Findlay’s facilities are filled with everything a foodie needs:

  • convection ovens
  • combi-ovens
  • restaurant-sized gas ranges
  • griddles
  • steam jacket kettles
  • dough rollers
  • food processors
  • mixers
  • and more

I don’t even know what half of those thing are, but I do know they result in some darn good cooking.


While eating & drinking may be at the heart of Findlay Kitchen, the true soul of the space goes much deeper. The goal of the kitchen is to provide affordable access, needed resources, and ample inspiration to help aspiring foodies get their starts. They help small food businesses increase their production, enable growth, and create jobs. They’re helping people turn their passions into a profitable (and tasty) business.


Right now, Findlay Kitchen is home to 38 members who are cooking up a storm. From breadsmiths to cocktail connoisseurs to homemade dog bones, there’s is no shortage of culinary creativity.

Local favorites like Eli’s BBQ & Wellman Brands are using the space to help expand their current businesses while new talent like The Jaded Fork and Grind on the Rhine are rising stars. By the end of the year, they are hoping to have more than 45 unique and delicious food businesses cooking out of the Findlay Kitchen.

Get a taste (pun intended) of Findlay Kitchen by heading up to our gallery for photos of the space & their creations.

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Findlay Kitchen is located at 1719 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.