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The Butler County Donut Trail Comprises 12 Shops Along The Sweetest Of Paths

Is there anything better than a fresh, homemade donut? How about homemade donuts from 12 of the best locally-owned donut shops in the Tri-state? That’s exactly what you’ll find on the one-of-a-kind Butler County Donut Trail.

The very first (and to our knowledge, only one) in existence, the Donut Trail takes hungry travelers across Butler County to 12 unique and totally tasty donut shops spread across Hamilton, Middletown, Trenton, Fairfield, and West Chester.

The locations are as follows...

  1. Central Pastry (Middletown)
  2. Holtman's Donuts (West Chester)
  3. Jupiter Coffee & Donuts (Fairfield)
  4. Kelly's Bakery (Hamilton)
  5. Martin's Donuts (Trenton)
  6. Milton's Donuts (Middletown)
  7. Mimi's Donuts & Bakery (Hamilton)
  8. Oxford Doughnut Shoppe (Oxford)
  9. Ross Bakery (Hamilton)
  10. Stan the Donut Man (West Chester)
  11. The Donut House (West Chester)
  12. The Donut Spot (Fairfield)

The first step for anyone attempting this difficult mission is to download the Donut Trail Passport from the official website, or pick it up from any donut shop on the trail. Then, you begin collecting stamps and sugary goodness from around Butler County. When your passport is complete, you trade it in for a complimentary t-shirt.

Of course, you can do the Donut Trail at your own pace. But keep in mind that these donut shops are all extremely popular and can sell out before lunchtime, so make sure you’re hitting the trail early. You can tackle the whole trail in one day like we did, but plan on getting to the first shop around 6 a.m. and going until lunchtime. For the best experience, you might want to spread it out over a weekend or two.

The trail is also perfect for big groups, but give the Butler County Visitors Bureau a heads up so they can arrange for each shop to put a few donuts aside for your group.

From grab-and-go style shops to posh sit-down cafes, each stop on the trail is slightly different and offers its own specialties. From the out-of-this-world creations of Holtman’s Donuts to Central Pastry in Middletown’s completely made-from-scratch paczkis, you’ll find a perfect donut at each and every stop along the trail.

But it's the people that make the Donut Trail special. Most of the shops didn’t have to suggest donuts to us, the people in line did it for them. It wasn’t uncommon to witness patrons walk in and be called out by name and have their order already prepared. Even though we visited over the weekend, most of the bakery owners were right there on hand creating their doughy masterpieces.

By the time we got our last Donut Trail passport stamp, our car was filled with the magical smell of fresh donuts, and we soon had two shiny new Donut Trail t-shirts to prove to the world we were true conquering heroes. We’re just glad we ordered one size up

If you like donuts, a weekend in Butler County on the Donut Trail should be your next adventure. It’s nearby. It’s delicious, and you get a free t-shirt. What's not to love?

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For more information on the Donut Trail and to download the passport and location map, head over to the Butler County Visitors Bureau.