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The "Bolo Mondays" Special At Nicola's Is Probably The Best Dinner Deal In Town

When you’re hungry for something delicious but you don’t know what you want, you have two options:

1. Make waffles. Waffles are always good.
2. Head to a tried-and-true neighborhood staple.

For the purposes of this story, we’re gonna run with Option 2. And the neighborhood staple we plan on hitting up is Nicola’s. Did you know it’s been around since April 1996? Whoa, that’s a lotta years.

And with many years of experience comes something else… Answer: wisdom.

In the case of Nicola’s, it's the wisdom to keep things on the menu that work. If people are coming for nearly 21 years, they must be coming for a reason. One such reason is the "Bolo Mondays" special. Diners can order the tagliatelle bolognese plus a house salad for a paltry $15.

Let me just say what everyone else is thinking. That’s not a deal; that’s a steal. That’s a, why-doesn’t-every-Monday-include-a-dinner-date-at-Nicola’s kinda question. Yeah, I mean... what are we doing, people?

- - -

Nicola’s is located at 1420 Sycamore Street in Over-the-Rhine.