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The Big Benson: two 4-oz. patties with American cheese, pickles, and tartar slaw / Image: Brian Planalp // Published: 8.24.17

Let's Get One Thing Straight: Benson’s Tavern Is Wonderful

Located in Reading’s Bridal District, Benson’s has been serving gourmet bar food since it opened last year. And while “gourmet bar food” might seem like the world’s most delicious oxymoron, there’s simply no better way to describe Benson’s fare.

A word about semantics: “Gourmet” doesn’t have to mean offal mousse and filet of sole. In the case of Benson’s Tavern, it's meant to imply attention to detail, absolute freshness, and a sophisticated melding of flavors that’ll make you think differently about dishes you’ve had a thousand times.

Take the cheeseburger, whose aioli ties the savoriness of the beef to the acidity of the red onions and pickles in an umami extravaganza. The melt-in-your-mouth crispiness of the batter that coats the fried grouper also comes to mind, as does the cajun seasoning on the french fries, which is aromatic and not just spicy.

Want more? How about the slight sweetness of homemade sausage on the meat lover's pizza? Or the muted taste of vinegar that finishes on your palate after a bite of the ribs. Or even the pickle chips, dusted with a mysterious spice I’m like three bites away from nailing down for good.

And lest you think all they have is, well, bar food, Benson’s also serves entree items like chicken parmesan, cajun jambalaya, and fettuccine Alfredo. Recent specials have included pan-seared sirloin tips, meatloaf & mashed potatoes, a roasted half chicken, and shrimp farfalle.

In addition to the great food, Benson's also has a patio, comfortable booths, massive televisions, and an ample array of draft and bottled beer.

Suffice it to say, Benson’s Tavern is wonderful. And if you have even the slightest inclination to stop by, get off your butt and do it now.

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Benson’s Tavern is located at 419 West Benson Street, (45215). For more information, visit the website.