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The Instagram account @astoryaboutcoffee is an online social experiment that aims to create a community of coffee lovers. Creator Matt Hoffman invites people to share a story about coffee with him by emailing His hope is to begin cultivating a deeper sense of community through sharing stories about our unique experiences with the drink. / Image courtesy of Matt Hoffman // Published: 7.27.18

@astoryaboutcoffee Has Deeper Roots In The Coffee Community Than You’d Think

This is a story about a person telling stories about coffee that are actually stories about people.

Matt Hoffman is a natural storyteller. He’s also a man who appreciates a great cup of coffee (and has become quite the expert on the subject).

Matt’s pretty well known in the community, too, which I quickly learned after spending some time with him at Redtree Art Gallery & Coffee Shop. He recently became the Brand Strategist at Deeper Roots, though Matt’s ties to the Cincinnati coffee community go back to the early days of Instagram.

Several years ago, Matt launched an Instagram account to highlight the coffee scene in Cincinnati, traveling to various shops around the city or brewing local roasters at home. While he enjoyed a great cup of joe, what he loved most about the project was connecting with other folks who had an appreciation of quality craft coffee.

“The original intent was to create the Cincinnati Coffee Society. There would be an annual membership, meet-ups every month. The craft scene was really just starting to take off.” Before asking people to join a club, Matt wanted to gain his following. “I love taking pictures so I started posting my work and telling stories about what I was doing."

He’s now helping Deeper Roots tell their story in his new role, which led to a rebrand of his Instagram passion project. Since the intent was always storytelling, he decided instead of focusing on the shops and roasters, he would share more personal stories about experiences with coffee and invite his followers to do the same.

The stories Matt collects will be shared on @astoryaboutcoffee’s Instagram to hopefully make more meaningful connections in the community. He’s still dreaming about what the project could evolve into. “I think with the name change and rebrand it could become more—merchandise, a coffee table book, a podcast. There’s so much opportunity when it comes to storytelling.”

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