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Urban Grill: deliciously handcrafted food (PS: "Bacon built this city") -- Image courtesy of Urban Grill food truck

An Open Love Letter To Cincinnati's Food Trucks

Dearest Cincinnati Food Trucks,

How doth we love thee?
Let us count the ways

1) Ye hath radical edibles.

Traditional palateer? Epicurious connoisseur? Sweet-tooth stalwart? Umami aficionado? The Queen City's be-wheeled eateries stand ready to roll, stacked and stocked with whatever 'tis that suits thy culinary whim.

(Translation: FOOD.)

2) Thou art mobile.

Shackles of brick and mortar, be gone! Long were the days spent pining for an escape from the despotism of -- I shutter to say it -- stationary establishments. Dark were the nights devoted to traipsing about from restaurant to restaurant, like so many houseless ghosts. 'Twas agony!

But lo, take heart, fellow foodophiles. For now -- oh, glorious now! -- ye have but to step out into an outdoor gathering space or (if thy employer be cool) ye olde workplace parking lot... and behold! Verily, the variety (and subsequent merriment) hath come unto thy very door.

In truth, dear Cincinnatians, the clouds hath parted. Let us therefore turn our faces toward the golden truth of mobile cuisine. And commence noshing.

(Translation: TRUCKS.)

3) When 'tis right, 'tis right.

When a connection is true When a match is as natural as the sapling reaching toward the light, or the dandelion tossing its seeds into the wind

When the one is the answer to the other's deepest (if as-of-yet unspoken) question, there could just as soon be two or 2,000 reasons. The truth is as unchanging as it is immediate.

'Tis love. For sooth, love at first food truck bite.

(Translation: 'NUFF SAID.)

- - -

FOOD TRUCKS. There are a boatload of 'em rockin' the Tri-State.
But how do you keep tabs on them all? How do ya know when & where to rendezvous with your faves, or meet up with a new one for a culinary test drive?

Check out the Cincinnati Food Truck Association, that's how! Founded by Emily Frank and Elizabeth Romero (owners of the C'est Cheese and SugarSnap! food trucks, respectively) this organization not only looks out for the well-being of the entire Greater Cincy food truck community, but it also provides the quickest, most effective portal into the scene.

Swing by their "Our Members" page and tap in. And yes, they even have an app. (iTunes / Android)

While you're at it, cruise through the photo gallery above. If you're not hankering to try some new dishes by the end of that collection well, you've probably already tried 'em all!

Happy eating, gang.