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Flavor Savor: combo of beef kafta, chicken mishwi, brown rice with vermicelli, small salad, hummus, and a falafel / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 6.18.17

How Many Times Is Too Many Times To Eat Aladdin’s In A Week?

Here’s what you need to know about Aladdin’s Eatery in Hyde Park. The food is really good. It’s healthy, too. And did I mention that it’s good? It helps if you like Mediterranean-style cuisine.

Quick poll: Who here buys Sabra hummus from the grocery store? If you virtually raised your hand, then I’m going to assume you have one foot in the door of enjoying Middle Eastern food. If you want to put that second foot in the door, head to Aladdin’s.

Cincinnati has two locations: West Chester & Hyde Park. (Inside scoop alert: There’s a third location on the way.) So the first ever Aladdin’s opened in 1994 in Lakewood, Ohio. Lakewood, huh? That’s near Cleveland, for those who aren’t great at geography.

Fady Chamoun came to the U.S. from Lebanon in 1972. He dreamt of one day opening a restaurant that would feature the food of his homeland. And so, Aladdin’s was born.

Now the reason Aladdin’s made its way from Cleveland to Cincinnati comes in the form of two siblings named Carla Chalkley and Steve Ibrahim. They grew up working at the Lakewood site, going from host to server to manager, until they were all the way at the corporate level. When it came time to open a location in Cincinnati (this would be the West Chester site), they were tapped. (Note: Carla has been with Aladdin's for 19 years and Steve for 18.)

Then, in 2015, they opened the Hyde Park spot. So what makes Aladdin’s special? Let’s see the hummus they make is a full-on, three-day process. “Ours takes no shortcuts and it’s the way our moms would make it,” explained Carla. The fresh-squeezed juices are sure to cure what ails you. Did I turn into a new person after sucking down the celery + spinach + parsley + kale juice? Nah. I turned into the best version of myself, which is what I’d prefer anyway.

Oh, and that flavor savor platter talk about firing on all cylinders. You get a combination of beef kafta (think of it as a delicious meatloaf log), chicken mishwi (chicken thigh), salad, hummus, and falafel in one order. There’s something called goodness in a bite. There’s something called greatness in a bite. And there’s something called, “When are we coming back here??” in a bite. That’s Aladdin’s.

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Aladdin’s has two Cincinnati locations: West Chester & Hyde Park.

West Chester address: 9344 Union Centre Blvd. (45069)
Hyde Park: 3664 Edwards Road (45208)

Note: All the pictures in the gallery above are from the Hyde Park location.