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Located in Anderson Township, Willow Floral is as much a floral studio as it is a design boutique. You'll find everything from wreaths to bouquets to potted succulents beside furniture, lamps, and tabletop trinkets, all with a vintage style that's unique to owner Lisa Hill. ADDRESS: 545 Clough Pike (45233) / Image: Brian Planalp

Willow Floral Is The Best Vintage Decor Store You've Never Heard Of

Lisa Hill does flower arrangements for weddings across Cincinnati, and she does them exceedingly well. They’re stylish, modern, and tasteful in addition to being absolutely gorgeous.

But you don’t need to be in wedding-mode to visit Willow Floral, her Anderson Township store. In fact you don’t need to be looking for flowers at all. You could be looking for a chair. Or a lamp. Or tabletop trinkets. Or those odd vintage background elements—a bicycle, a ladder, a headboard—that infuse your space with character.

Because Willow Floral is much more than a floral studio, just as Hill is much more than a florist. She’s also a designer. And judging by Willow’s wares, she has just as keen an eye for that as she does for weddings.


That’s how Hill describes Willow’s aesthetic. It should be noted she says so only after a pause, and ultimately the word doesn’t seem to satisfy her. But she’s right in that what she and her daughter create has an unmistakably “vintage” look to it. That is, it’s full of oxidized metals, worn-off paint, and the kind of tattered charm that’s so popular these days.

Where the word falls short is... well, let’s take that bicycle for example. Fading whitewash? Check. But then we come to the basket, with its burst of pink flowers and pink gingham, and we see what sets Willow apart—the whimsy, the charming daintiness, the bright colors and soft pastels, and (of course) the flowers.

Yes, the flowers. They’re everywhere, hung in wreaths and draped across chairs and sitting in handsome pots and planters. They’re also represented in fabric prints and painted surfaces all around, as if to remind us that gardens can exist inside the house too—that a green thumb needn’t stop at the door.

In some ways, it’s exactly what you’d expect from a place that’s part florist and part design boutique. But that doesn’t stop it from being irresistible—or exactly what your house needs right now.

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Willow Floral is located at 545 Clough Pike (45244).