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The Wheel Life Tiny Home model can be found at 145 Mary Ingles Hwy in Dayton, KY at Riverside Marina and rents for $150 per night. / Images courtesy of Wheel Life Tiny Homes // Published: 11.18.16

You Can Rent This "Tiny Home" For $150 Per Night

Alright, I've gotta start with a confession (ya feel me, Usher?): I've spent an embarrassing number of hours binge-watching all the tiny home shows. My commentary includes phrase like:

"The stairs double as storage -- brilliant."
"Wait... where did that bed appear from?"
"I could totally be a minimalist."
"Yikes, my clothes would never fit in that closet."

Whoa... sorry, got a bit carried away there. Let me back up a bit to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Some say a “tiny home” is classified as a home smaller than 400 square feet. Others suggest it can be a bit bigger. Some think it has to have the ability to be mobile, while others think a tiny foundation is acceptable.

Regardless of how you define it, tiny homes are growing in popularity. And Wheel Life, a building firm focused on customizable and mobile tiny homes right here in Cincy, are capitalizing on this trend.


Charlie Pond, Natalie Gregory, and Hap Pendleton started in the real estate business before jumping into the world of tiny homes by launching Wheel Life.

A big priority for their firm is mobility, so every home’s size is within the allowed road limits. And although they come on wheels, there’s nothing RV-esque about them. Inside, they’re filled with high-end details such as quartz counter tops, hardwood floors, huge windows, and an almost full-sized bathtub.


The crew built a model home to show off the swanky possibilities for their homes. To get the full experience of tiny house living, you can actually rent the Wheel Life model home for $150 bucks a night.

To top it off, the model sits at Riverside Marina in Dayton, Kentucky. In other words, you’ll be spending the night in your own waterfront suite.


The team is also thinking bigger. Well, sorta. Their dream is to build a tiny home community on the waterfront.

Yeah. I know. A tiny home village with riverside views? Sign me up.

For now, though, just head on over to the photo gallery to get a big helping of tiny goodness.

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The Wheel Life model home can be found at 145 Mary Ingles Hwy in Dayton, KY at Riverside Marina. To rent the home, check out their listing on Airbnb.