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Image: Phil Armstrong / Published: 5.2.20

You Can Visit One of OTR's Finest Historic Buildings In the Next 3 Seconds

Designed by the firm of Samuel Hannaford & Sons and completed in 1908, Memorial Hall is one of Over-the-Rhine's most attractive historic buildings. From full-blown sculptures lining the top of the fa├žade to an incredible, multi-level auditorium topped by a painted dome ceiling, Memorial Hall is an absolute stunner.

Yes, it's currently closed to in-person visits, but you can see nearly all of it by using this awesome interactive virtual tour that the Oval Room built for Memorial Hall's website.

Like Google Streetview, you're thrust into a navigable first-person view of the building. However, Oval Room's rendering runs smoother, looks prettier, and offers far more flexibility in regards to where you can go inside the building than Streetview.

You can view the interactive virtual tour here, or check out our own gallery of images above that we made after its reopening in 2016.

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Memorial Hall is located at 1225 Elm Street.