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A Cincinnati startup is bringing fully explorable 3D tours to your smartphone, tablet, and computer. The solution is turnkey, and the process is streamlined. Looking for a new home will never be the same. / Image courtesy of 513 Oval Room

Virtual 3D House Tours Are Here To Change The Home Buying Process

It's not often we introduce a story by insisting on the awesomeness of its subject matter, but rules are made to be broken. So consider yourself warned: What follows is, in fact, truly awesome.


That would be virtual 3D tours. Why? I could explain they allow homebuyers to explore rich, detailed 3D renderings of a property without leaving the couch. Or you could see for yourself, because it’s one of the many things in life that’s way cooler to play with than read about.

Virtual tours produce results, too. Whether couch surfing or not, people who view listings with virtual tours are twice as likely to book a showing. Unsurprisingly, the odds get even better for the 18-35 demo, notorious couch surfers all of us.

That’s what enticed Cincinnati property owner Ted Dahmus to invest in 513 Oval Room. The local startup is offering 3D virtual reality real estate tours to agents and buyers alike, meaning Cincinnati real estate is about to change for good.


Ted Dahmus knows all about Cincinnati real estate. His company, Petermann Properties has been developing and managing properties around Cincinnati for several years, with a special focus on the urban basin.

Feedback from his buyers and renters led Dahmus to believe there was a market for 3D virtual tours in Cincinnati. Of course, part of that was potential buyers and renters requesting remote tours. But a surprisingly ardent group comprised existing owners and renters who wanted to show their parents and friends what their hip urban apartments looked like.

Thus Dahmus’ investment. From there, 513 Oval Room purchased the cameras, trained a staff, and crafted a turnkey approach to make the process easy for real estate agents and customers of every stripe.


513 Oval Room isn’t just for homes. That’s the exciting thing about this technology—there’s no limit to its potential. Dahmus offers examples of a restaurant in OTR, an office space in Blue Ash, or a warehouse in Mason that might want to offer a rich virtual tour of its space. There’s now a turnkey solution for that with 513 Oval Room.

And when we say ‘turnkey,’ we mean it. The software is designed to prioritize a simple booking process. There are just two price points, one for residential and one for commercial, so you'll be able to book, schedule, and execute the service in just a few clicks. Later, during the scheduled appointment, a trained expert takes a high-tech camera through the space. And just a few hours after that—yes, hours—the virtual tour is fully processed and ready to go.

See? Streamlined. And there’s a good reason why: Dahmus and the guys at 513 Oval Room have that young, heady entrepreneurial spirit. They’re innovating not just because they can, but because they want to make the industry more efficient for agents and buyers alike. It's a "rising tide lifts all boats" situation, and streamlining property tours is the best way to get there.


If you book in May, 513 Oval Room will give you a discount on their service as well as an opportunity to secure a discounted promotional article on the sale of your home!

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For more information about 513 Oval Room, visit their website.