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A gorgeously minty little gathering. -- Image courtesy of Queen City Vignette

This Company's Got The Vintage-Rental Game On Lock

A self-described "vintage-rental and design company with a little bit of photo-studio attitude," Queen City Vignette offers Cincinnati a one-of-a-kind, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink furnishing experience that transforms to fit your needs.


At its heart, Queen City Vignette (which bases its operations out of an appointment-only loft in Camp Washington) is a furniture-rental company that will outfit your special event -- be it a wedding, photo shoot, party, or something yet to be dreamt up -- with the perfect pieces. When co-owners Amber Zaragoza and Emma Durham met as coworkers at local boutique Mannequin, the foundation for a beautiful partnership was born. QCV took off, officially launching in 2015.

"Our favorite way to start a job," said Zaragoza, "is with pens, paper, a Pinterest board, and creative minds huddled around a table in our studio."

The pair designed their business with brides in mind, but have branched out to work with corporate clients, and photographers. They've also aligned activities with other wedding professionals, staging and providing furniture for events.

During its first year of operation alone, QCV has collaborated with Wellmann's Brands and the MainStrasse Village Association for the first annual Oak, Toast, and Two Aging Barrels festival; designed a wedding show booth for Northside's Happy Chicks Bakery; rented furniture out for a national Jo Ann Fabrics ad campaign; and more.

Though QCV headquarters isn't suitable for hosting events or parties, the organization frequently rents its studio to area photographers for their own portraiture, family, wedding, and boudoir shoots.


QCV has amassed an impressive array of vintage and unique furniture, along with an assortment of other pieces, all of which culminates in a beautiful mix of objets d'art that are the perfect complement to -- and I mean this seriously -- any event.

"I have spent several years honing my antiquing skills," said Zaragoza. "We've designed our business to create maximum value and visual impact for your party."

Sofas, globes, side tables, rugs, glassware, whimsical decor, and clothing are just a slice of QCV's rental inventory. For Durham and Zaragoza, favorite pieces in the collection include "Genevieve, the luminous, minty turquoise settee [that] was the very first large piece we purchased," and "Armand, our handsome federal sofa that has gorgeous sun fading."

Queen City Vignette recently held a hugely successful studio sale to make room for new incoming rental inventory. That means there are now even more gems tucked away in QCV's proverbial crown.


As business expands and evolves, so will QCV. Durham is in the process of learning to reupholster, boosting the team's ability to lend new life to older pieces. Licensed real estate agent Zaragoza said they are eager to prepare themselves for larger-scale rental situations and increased home stagings.

2016 will also see a slight structure change. Instead of renting out their studio daily, Zaragoza says that QCV will bring on partner photographers for a studio co-op atmosphere, allowing her and Durham to focus on the rental portion of QCV.

"We've had such adventures this year!" said Zaragoza. And if 2015 was any indication, things are just heating up.

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