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Your Next Brainstorming Sesh or Business Meeting Should Be At Hello Living Room In Norwood

If Pinterest had a house, The Living Room would be its beautifully-designed suite to hang out in and feel welcomed.

I’m gonna tell it to ya straight: this is not your father’s corporate meeting space. Unless, of course, he has impeccable taste and an eye for design (in which case, sorry for doubting your obviously stylish father).


The Living Room, located in Norwood, is a place to meet for any number of reasons; creative brainstorming, market research, rehearsal dinners, holiday parties… you get the gist.

As its name implies, the feeling you get after stepping into the boutique lobby is overwhelmingly warm and inviting, like entering your neighbor’s charming rustic home that was designed just for you.

It has exposed brick, sliding barn doors, chalkboard stairs, and a slide on the second floor. Making sure you read that previous sentence in full: They have a slide that starts on the second floor and ends on the first.


And the inspiration for the hospitable nature and simple design of The Living Room may surprise you. It comes from the humble blood orange. In their words: “when peeled and separated into slices, its striking, unexpected red ombré coloration" is wondrous. It is "an ordinary object, with a little something special to be remembered and easily shared.”

What sets The Living Room apart from other off-site meeting locations is its unbelievable service and personal attention to their clients. Nothing is above the call of duty for the staff: creating entrees on the fly for unique food sensitivities, Starbucks runs, even emergency Cheetos for soon-to-be moms.


...Now's the perfect time to also brag about the cafe dedicated to the clients. The on-site chef offers a fantastic menu that evolves with the seasons, but the signature item is the carnitas taco bar. ¡Delicioso!

The genuinely warm welcome woven throughout The Living Room is, indeed, second to none. If you'd like to check it out for your next gathering space, proceed to the gallery above


The Living Room has two locations that face each other on the same corner. Their addresses are 2369 and 2368 Norwood Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45212. For more info on The Living Room, go to their website.