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Dale Tesmond, Founder & CEO / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined / Published: 12.31.16

I Wanna Work In This Ridiculously Awesome Office, & I Bet You Will Too

Are you seated? Okay, good. Because I’m about to drop a knowledge bomb on you.

There’s this really cool local company that works out of an equally cool office building which services clients as far away as Abu Dhabi.

“What makes the company cool?” you ask. Well, other than the ping pong table; giant, calling-your-name L-couch; Pandora playing from the flatscreen TV; and solid selection of booze... I guess, not much. (Kidding.)

The Brand Experience is a bonafide storytelling machine. Take a hyper-creative former P&G marketing guy (his name is Dale Tesmond, btw) sprinkle in some experience with Jack Rouse Associates (they build theme parks) and that’s how you land at BE.

Now whether you want to acknowledge this or not, we are all telling and being told stories on a daily basis. No, they aren’t all in books or even words that you must read. But they are stories. You hear them in a song. You see them at the grocery store. You feel them in that warm, heart-melting lick from your dog when you get home from work. ("I love you berry much," says Bandit.)

We are all striving for the same thing — connection.
And we create connection through stories.

The Brand Experience does this specifically for customer experience centers. Huh, what?

Well, an experience center, according to Tesmond “... is a combination of a sales center, corporate museum, legacy center, and innovation center which presents a company’s story in a way that makes a pretty powerful impression on a visitor using different types of media and technology.”

"Our goal is to make visitors evangelists for the company or brand and inspire those visitors to do what our clients want them to do."

And The Brand Experience has been doing this since 2004. Initially, the company began as division of Aegis Media PLC. Years later, in 2011, Tesmond took the company private. In the past five years, BE has instilled its storytelling genius on 30 centers, including the likes of Fortune 500 companies IBM, Verizon, Honeywell, Dell, and Xerox, to name a few.

So yeah, they’re pretty good at what they do. “Architects build the theater; we write the play and design the scenes,” explained Tesmond. “Relative to branding agencies, we build upon their two-dimensional work and layer in our physical space experience to find the longterm heart & soul of a company.”

He calls it Storybuilding.

Now, you can get a better sense of what this means by checking out the pics of their office space. From the wall quotes to the ceiling mantras to the squirrel imagery & actual squirrel figurines (that’s an inside joke between me, Dale, and his staff) to the open layout and clean design, you’ll begin to see why this company is so cool.

You might even say to yourself. “Dang, I wanna work here.” Trust me, you won’t be the only one. But for now, we’re just gonna live vicariously through these photos. Yep, that’s my friendly way of saying that you should scroll back to the top and peep the gallery.

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The Brand Experience is a privately held, 15-person company founded by Dale Tesmond. They moved from an office in Hyde Park to this rad space at The Edge (310 Culvert Street #401, 45202) in February 2016.