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Wooden Nickel Antiques is located at 1410 Central Parkway -- Rocking the architectural antique scene since 1976, Wooden Nickel specializes in a variety of styles, eras, and furniture genres. Because its real focus is on "WOW."

Take a Step Into Cincy's Past at Wooden Nickel

There's a lot of history at Wooden Nickel.That seems fairly obvious, I know. It is, after all, an architectural antiques store. (Arguably THE architectural antiques store in Cincinnati). So, yeah, a lot of that history resides in the jaw-droppingly beautiful bars, mantels, lighting fixtures, stained glass pieces, and furniture filling the Central Parkway facility.

But where the real color comes in is with the team behind the magic. Take a stroll through the store's holdings with co-owners Mike Williams & Tim Miller (or any member of their team, for that matter) and let the wisdom flow.

Cross-reference the pieces currently living in Wooden Nickel Antiques' trio of side-by-side storefronts with the information that Williams, Miller, & co. can tell you about each one -- when it was constructed, where it lived prior to the shop, and (in some cases) all of the various forms of rigamarole it took to get the piece into the shop -- and you've got yourself a living, walking, talking portal into Queen City history.

It most likely goes without saying, but just in case... Wooden Nickel is no spring chicken itself. The company has been rocking the architectural salvage scene since 1976. And they've been operating out of their current facility on Central Parkway since 1980. Tucked into the shadow of Music Hall and positioned right across from the police station, the store has seen its fair share of Cincy's evolution. They've been there for the boom times (the neighborhood's current renaissance, for example). They've ridden through the tough spots as well.

And through it all, they've just kept on keepin' on -- doing their thing, year after year. "We've been saving stuff since before it was cool," laughs Williams.

Over the store's history, the Wooden Nickel team has explored the country and beyond, searching for the most stunning, "be-still-my-heart" pieces out there. "We've salvaged stuff from around 3,500 buildings. And that's not a brag. It's a kind of sad, you know? That's a lot of history in these old buildings."

Typically stepping in when a structure (residential, commercial, or otherwise) has met the end of its line, the Wooden Nickel folks activate their eye for the timeless and lift out pieces that deserve a whole new chance at life.

Whether it's a stately vintage bar (they've currently got one that's 22 feet long), a Cincinnati Art Carved sideboard, or something really idiosyncratic (like, say, a mug cabinet from an old-timey barber shop where each customer had a dedicated mug from which his straight-razor shave's lather was drawn), each piece has its own story. And that sense of heritage, nuance, and life is not lost on the Wooden Nickel folks. Not at all.

Plunk down in a chair with Williams or take a stroll around the shop's holdings with Miller, and get ready for a trip down history lane. They've got facts, tidbits, and stories for days. And if you've got a spot all picked out for the perfect bit of Cincinnati (or beyond) heritage... yeah, they're got that too.

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Want to learn more about Wooden Nickel Antiques? Visit the store's website, check out their Facebook page, or swing by in person (1410 Central Pkwy).