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Zach Darmanian-Harris and Alex Aeschbury founders of Such + Such / Image: provided // Published: 5.22.18

Meet The Founders Of Such + Such, A Local Design Firm Making Super Cool Shtuff

There’s something beautiful & impressive about bringing an idea into reality, birthing a concept into the fashion of a tiny human that has its own soul. I attempt to do this with words. Others attempt to do this with food. The DAAP grads behind Such + Such succeed at doing this with furniture, interior design, and signage.


That’s their tagline. The simplicity is poetic. And true. That’s the job of an industrial designer — to take a thought, brimming with potential, and turn it into a fully fledged thing, whether it be a chair, a wooden “bear skin” rug, or a really cool sign.

The “We”

Zach Darmanian-Harris and Alex Aeschbury were randomly assigned roommate status freshman year at the University of Cincinnati. The concept for Such + Such was a byproduct of their senior capstone project in 2010. “A big part of what we were exploring, and were fascinated by, was the use of digital fabrication technologies, such as Laser Cutting, CNC Routing, and 3D printing,” explained Zach.

The “Make”

Going from a digital file to a real tangible object is at the heart of what these guys do. And they do it with a variety of the machines mentioned above, though the prized possession is probably the CNC Router. When they were students at UC, they had access to a wish list of equipment. Slowly but surely, as they’ve taken on more clients and built a reputation for themselves, Zach and Alex have been able to check many of those items off the wish list and now have them housed in their West End studio.

The “Things”

So what’s it all mean? That’s what you really wanna know, isn’t it? It means the base of the bar you kick your feet up to at Queen City Radio was made by these guys. It means the signage you see all over Union Hall, the tech startup space located on Vine Street, was made by these guys. It means the custom chairs, stools, and tables you’ve inevitably sat on or put your elbows against at Fusian were made by these guys. It means the wooden bear, styled after a bear skin rug that you probably did not see (but can view in the photo gallery) was made by these guys. Insert any other “thing” you want (i.e. shelving, soapbox derby car, bar cart, etc.) and it could be made by these guys.

The Other Important Details

Besides Zach and Alex, S+S has two other full-time team members: Nolan Schultz (lead designer) and Dan Dickersheid (lead fabricator). But depending on the workload, they take on co-ops from DAAP for additional help.

One of their longterm goals is to have more ready-made goods available as compared to only building things on-demand.

They tend to have their hands in more commercial work than residential, in part because, as Zach explained, “We speak the same language as other designers and really take their design/brand intent seriously.” But it’s not to say you couldn’t call on them to elevate your outdoor patio to MTV Cribs-level status.

And with that, we encourage you to scroll back to the top and view the gallery, which is a mix of their studio space and finished projects.

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Such + Such is located at 1709 Central Ave (45214).