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Spoons & Such is a Cincinnati-based jewelry brand that focuses on remaking old silverware into desirable, beautiful accessories. / Image courtesy of Spoons & Such // Published: 2.3.17

This Local Artisan Takes Unwanted Silverware And Turns It Into Gorgeous Jewelry

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Remember that saying you learned in elementary school?

Well, that very mentality is what inspires Spoons & Such, a jewelry shop taking one person's trash and turning it into another person's treasure.


Hannah Thees has been collecting spoons all her life... you know, the kind with the neat, vintage, swirly details.

While attending Columbus College of Art and Design to study illustration, she took a jewelry-making class in her final semester and created an experimental spoon ring. After graduating, she realized drawing and painting weren’t her thing but enjoyed what she’d done in that class. Her collection of spoons, which she’d amassed over the years suddenly assumed a new potential purpose.

Hannah made her decision. She’d be happier working with her hands making unique jewelry out of old things. It would be the decision that drove her to Spoons & Such.


Spoon-finding is her game. Hannah has a knack for scouring antique malls, estate sales, and Craigslist to find the various pieces of silverware she uses to create her works.

And once a year, she heads down to Tucson to find precious stones. She sources her cabochons (non-faceted, polished gems) directly from the lapidary artists (someone who cuts, polishes, and engraves gems), and turns them into her own creations back here in Ohio.

The result is one person’s rejected piece of metal fused with a raw, beautiful piece of the Earth. It becomes a new, desired work of art.


Hannah sees her spoon rings and fork-tine necklaces sell heavily year-round. During the holiday season, she sells tons of her $15 spoon bookmarks as they’re a great gift to give to almost everyone (except those pesky Kindle readers).

She’s also done a ton of custom orders for people who have their own heirloom silverware. If grandma gave you her old set, Hannah can repurpose it into something original and new.


Just like most of our favorite makers, you can find Hannah’s work on her Etsy page, as well as her newly appointed Amazon Handmade page. Additionally, she collaborates with a few local boutiques, such as Hi-Bred in East Walnut Hills, Lucca Workshop in OTR, Red Tree Art Gallery in Oakley, and Handzy in Covington.

She also participates in many arts and craft shows throughout the Midwest, so be on the lookout for her there.


You can see photos of Hannah Thees’ products in the gallery above. Scroll on up for some spoons & such!