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Rootball Cocktail Table // No two of these tables are alike. And talk about color. The sandblasted and sealed finish is wonderfully bright. / Image: Brian Planalp

6 Design Choices To Modernize Your Home

If you’re tired of the monochromatic color scheme in your home, we’ve got a few tips thanks to our good friends at Furniture Fair, whose furniture supply spans every style you can imagine.


Yep, the secret to modernizing your monochromatic abode is to (you guessed it) add color. The real secret is not to be bashful about it. A pale green isn’t going to enliven your home, and neither is a soft blue. But a set of bright, vibrant dining chairs (like those pictured in the gallery) will add a snap, a crackle, and a pop to your home like no other.


Go gold. Why? Because it happens to be the color of life’s finest things. It also happens that every accessory looks better in gold, whether we’re talking about lamps, art, or table centerpieces.


The side table is my favorite piece of furniture: It never fails you, it’s always ready to receive your sweating iced tea, and you can pile on all sorts of fancy baubles. Also, because some of them have hand cranks. I mean, why not? This particular hand crank features proprietary height adjustment technology (i.e., the crank) and a solid wood mango top. Just think, you’ve been reaching down to grab your drink all this time. No more. Now your drink can rise to you. Check it out.


Perhaps your home is not only monochromatic, but also, dare I say, a touch sterile? Bereft of signs of life? Devoid of any sinuous surfaces? Lacking in generally cool stuff? If so, look no further than this Rootball Cocktail Table, so named because it is, in fact, crafted from a real live root ball. No two are alike. And talk about color -- the sandblasted and sealed finish is wonderfully bright.


Yes, Geometry. The mirror/prism lamp in the gallery is a perfect example -- it’s a focal point of its area, an object of instant visual interest. The gold and the mirrors work together to passively fill the room with light.


When you have your pals over, you’ve got to have something they stare at and go: “Uh, Jim, what in the world is that?” 'That' happens to be a bus (yes, a bus) that has been repurposed (virtuously, some would say) into a bar. Who wouldn’t want to know the story behind that? Of course, it's from Furniture Fair's new Eric Church: Highway to Home collection, so you’ll have to make one up. ... But that doesn't mean it can't be great.

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Stop in Furniture Fair to peruse these modern pieces and other high-quality furniture today. With 11 furniture stores throughout Greater Cincinnati and Dayton, you're sure to find something that fits your space.

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