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Sammie Clark Art offers storybook-esque drawings and custom pieces. You can find her work online and at BluClover in downtown Lebanon. / Image courtesy of Sammie Clark Art // Published: 1.14.18

Sammie Clark's Art Will Remind You Of The Immense Joy You Once Found In Children's Books

Once upon a time, in a not-so-far-away land (ahem, right here in Cincinnati), artist Sammie Clark was busy creating cuddly creatures in snuggly sweaters and snowy little villages in a storybook-esque style. And I’m telling you, her art is like stepping into a bonafide fairytale.

She grew up in Loveland, Ohio as the youngest in a very creative family. While drawing has always been part of her life, she began working towards her dream of becoming a full-time artist when she majored in studio art in college. Since March of 2016, she's been living her dream as a full-time illustrator.

Sammie’s work is often described as light, airy, and dreamy. Most of her pieces are inspired by nature, like the squirrels that visit the windows outside of her solarium art studio. She’s continually releasing new characters, collections, and custom offerings. Her most lucrative offering to date has been personalized pet portraits, which isn't surprising since pets are almost always better than people, amiright?

All her prints, calendars, notebooks, stickers, mugs, and more are on her website. During the warmer months, she’s no stranger to The City Flea and other local events too. But if you're a year-round, brick-and-mortar kind of shopper, you can pick up some of her products at BluClover in downtown Lebanon.

Everyone needs a print of a river otter wearing a turtleneck in their life, so thank goodness Sammie has us covered. If you're curious what that looks like, a gallery of her work is just a hop, skip, and a click above.

Maybe in the future, we’ll cover her work in the inevitable children’s book she'll illustrate.

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For more, visit Sammie Clark's website.