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Ron Shuller has owned his own studio, Ron Shuller's Creative Images, and has been shooting weddings in the Tri-State for 45 years. / Image courtesy of Ron Shuller's Creative Images // Published: 2.15.18

Ron Shuller Has Been Expertly Capturing Wedding Days For 45 Years

Picking the right photographer for your wedding day can be hard. You want someone who is organized, reliable, and who can get the shots of those special moments. You want photos that reflect your love (i.e. photos that pop).

But you also want a photographer who can capture the story of your wedding day. The days of stiff, formal posing are gone—and in its place we're seeing the rise of wedding photos as a lens into the couple's love story. We get to see families and friends brought together to celebrate, dance, and wish the new couple well as they turn the page to a new chapter.

With wedding photographer Ron Shuller, you won't just get images. You'll get the whole story.

Shuller has been photographing weddings for 45 years as the owner of Ron Shuller's Creative Images. To him, it's about capturing the feeling of the day.

“We want our photos to have an impact. We want someone to look at an image and see the feeling between the two people," Shuller says.

So how does he does he do it? Part of it is organization and timing; the other part is a sharp eye for the background details.

Shuller always sends two photographers to a wedding. One captures what he calls the "have-to-have" photos — the shots the couple requests — while the other gets those unexpected, spontaneous moments in-between: a loving glance or a laugh shared between the newlyweds.

When you take a look at his photos, you see that story and the energy; you see the fun and the memorable moments. That's what Shuller sets out to do with every wedding his studio shoots, and he also has fun doing it.

"It’s all about the fun. We have to do our job, make sure they have a great time, and that the great time shows in the pictures,” says Shuller. "I have fun shooting weddings. I couldn’t do this for 45 years if I didn’t enjoy what I’m doing."

How cool is it to have a job you love for 45 years?!

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