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Housed in a Lower Price Hill warehouse with 8,000-square-feet of studio and office space is River City Imaging, an image collaborative of four independent photographers and one creative agency that produces world-class food and product photography, not to mention some crazy 3D illustrations. ADDRESS: 626 Burns Street (45204) / Image: Larry White // Published: 3.25.18

Some Of Cincy's Best Food Photography Is Produced In A Lower Price Hill Warehouse

The warehouse at 626 Burns Street is fairly unobtrusive, and if you didn’t know what went on inside you’d likely pass it off as another one of Lower Price Hill’s light manufacturing facilities. In fact, it’s where Cincinnati’s finest commercial photography is produced, thanks to four independent photographers, one creative agency, and the so-called image collaborative that ties them all together.

An image collaborative is a nifty way to pool resources among creative professionals, whether studio space, editing capabilities, props, storage, generalized manpower, or even drone work. Still, nifty though it may be, it’s not a concept we see much ‘round these parts. Indeed River City Imaging, housed in that Lower Price Hill locale, is the only such collaborative in Cincinnati.

As for the photographers, an illustrious list of names grace the mailbox: Larry White, Phil Mastman, Bob Cuti, and Al Lang. Illustrious, that is, if you’re often in the market for world-class photography. And if you are, it’s probably because you make food, or food packaging. That’s what boils the gravy around here. (My editor: “What?”)

But it isn’t the only thing these photographers do (they do pretty much everything). Nor are photographers, strictly speaking, the collaborative’s only tenants. That “one creative agency” teased above? That’s AlloyFX, a team of digital artists skilled in 3D illustrations, motion graphics, trade shows, and VR.

The client lists here, in case you were wondering, are mighty impressive (and, alas, a secret.) Just as impressive is the warehouse itself, which said clients unanimously adore. It features 8,000-square-feet of studio and office space, a 4,000-square-foot prop room, five shooting studios, two conference rooms, seven offices, two independent food-prep kitchens, three full-size freezers, a 16’ cyc wall, and (drumroll please) 25 parking spaces.

All of which allows the creative professionals housed here to work as individuals when they want to, and as a team when the time calls for it. As for their work, well it speaks for itself.

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To find River City Imaging, head to 626 Burns Street (45204).