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The Power Building was built in 1903 and renovated in 2002 into luxury apartments with plenty of amenities, including most notably a rooftop terrace. / ADDRESS: 224 East 8th Street / Image: Brianna Long // Published: 4.5.17

This Downtown Apartment Building Has A View You Would Die For

Folks, say hello to (Renaissance at) the Power Building.

I put that first part in parentheses because long before Towne Properties purchased the apartment building in 2012, it was simply the Power Building, the striking anchor of Downtown Cincinnati’s northeast neighborhood.

That neighborhood happens to be a historic district — the East Manufacturing and Warehouse District — and it happens to be changing fast. The Dennison Hotel is being torn down a block away, 3CDC is putting up an iridescent tower catty corner, and plans are in the works for some more development near Main Street.

Yep, at 115 years old, the Power Building is beginning to look like the old guy on the block. But for us historically-conscious Cincinnati folk, isn’t that just another reason to live there?

It is. Though perhaps you need more convincing, in which case we'll start with views like the one above. Not many rooftops in Cincinnati offer that kind of view. It comes courtesy of the building’s terrace, which sits like a concealed outpost of good times above the bustle of Downtown.

Other amenities include:

  • Fitness center
  • Business center
  • Two-floor garage with elevator access
  • Club house, which is essentially a big room with a billiards table, couches, and a huge TV

Still, in 2002, after the Power Building was redeveloped into luxury apartments, it’s hard to imagine the terrace wasn’t its biggest sell. And for good reason. Imagine cracking open a Braxton beer, clinking flutes of Prosecco, flipping burgers on your grill, or tanning on one of the terrace’s lounge chairs — all with that cityscape in the background. It’s thoroughly invigorating.

Just as invigorating are the surrounding offerings of Downtown Cincinnati, offerings which we’ve described ad nauseam elsewhere and which therefore merit no independent mention. Except, that is, for Arnold's Pub, the nearby watering hole that's been a landmark of the Cincinnati carousing scene since 1861.

So, circling back around: Downtown Cincinnati apartments, historic charm, mind-blowing terrace, luxury units, and a nearby bar that predates Reconstruction. Hard to do better than that, folks.

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Renaissance at the Power Building is located at 224 E. 8th Street (45202).