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St. Gregory is a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom short-term rental property which accommodates up to nine people in Mt. Adams. / Image @BrookeGenn // Published: 12.20.17

These Mt. Adams Properties Create The Ultimate Short-Term Rental Experience

These days, there’s no shortage of cool places to live in Cincy. But how about places to stay in the short term? We do have some adorably chic boutique hotels like 21c or Hotel Covington, but at the end of the day, those are still hotels. What if you ache for something a little cozier? Don’t worry, I wouldn’t lead you down this rabbit hole without delivering the goods.

Let us introduce you to Red Whale Rentals, the creative vision of Michele Campbell, who’s a designer by trade. Red Whale Rentals offers short-term rentals for those who want a different kinda overnight stay.

The company rents on an individual night basis to photographers and a 30-night minimum to those looking for a short-term housing solution. The properties range in size from one bedroom to three bedrooms and in cost from $159 to $659 per day for photographers. (Those looking to book the month-long stay receive a discount from the rates mentioned above.)

What Sets Red Whale Rentals Apart?

The design, for one. “We definitely fill a special niche with our unique rentals,” explains Campbell. “You will find indoor totem poles, custom beds hanging by ropes—though, in reality, they are stationary—cool rope lighting made from an artist in Poland, and so many creative furniture items and details. Each rental property captures an organic sanctuary vibe, so it’s kinda like being on vacation every single day."

The luxurious offerings, for two. “We also are unique in what we offer our guests. If they choose to treat themselves, we have a private chef, a laundress, a private Pilates instructor, a cleaning person, and a grocery delivery service,” said Campbell.

Hmm I might wanna move in for a little while.

Who Makes Up A Typical Red Whale Renter?

Hard to say if there’s a “typical” renter, but here’s a rundown on some folks who have rented:

  • Photographers
  • Procter & Gamble, for the purpose of print ad work and social media commercials
  • Transferring physicians coming into the city to work
  • Professional athletes
  • Academy Award-winning movie producer while filming a movie here

What Else Does One Need To Know?

Red Whale Rentals has a total of six rental properties. One large house comprises two properties. The apartments are separate, though you could choose to keep it open for one large living space. Your call, of course.

Now that we’ve given you plenty of information to absorb, take a minute and digest the above by scrolling back to the top to view the photo gallery.

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For more information about Red Whale Rentals, visit the website.