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The pool is in the courtyard, giving it a sense of relative privacy from the city around it. / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 4.12.18

Radius At The Banks Is An All-Around Solution To Downtown Living

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "radius" thusly: "a line segment extending from the center of a circle or sphere to the circumference or bounding surface." In other words, it's the measurable distance from the center of a circle to its outermost edge.

Radius at the Banks, a stylish 9-story apartment building situated on the banks of the Ohio River, takes the name seriously. It serves as the epicenter from which a short walk in any direction will grant you access to nearly everything you need to live comfortably.


Let's pretend you live at Radius at the Banks for a moment. While your contemporary apartment offers a view of the river, city, and/or Paul Brown Stadium (units on the western side of the building get the added bonus of unobstructed sunsets), it's the amenities that make the core of Radius shine.

You don't need a gym membership; you have access to a 24-hour fitness center on the first floor, with yoga and spin studios included.

Not the gym type? Work those biceps by lifting a hefty mug of coffee from the complimentary coffee machine in the cyber cafe and lounge.

Not the only-one-lounge type? (Alright, beginning to question your list of demands now.) There are actually two common rooms dedicated to relaxation. If the cyber cafe and lounge is full, the Clubroom has booths and comfortable seating placed around a pool table and cozy fireplace in the middle.

Oh, and speaking of pool, arguably Radius' main attraction is in the courtyard. The true epicenter of the property, the pool is where you and your neighbors gather to enjoy the luxuries of being poolside on a nice day. Plus, as part of the courtyard, it's obscured by the surrounding buildings from the street, making swimming in this particular communal pool a semi-private affair.

Oh, and common area wifi, onsite storage, and a dog-walking service only add to your long list of perks of living in Radius.


Expanding Radius' circle further, a variety of Queen City features become readily available to you.

Smale Park is just across the parking lot, and both sports stadiums are within short walking distance. Restaurants such as Taste of Belgium and Moerlein Lager House are ready to take care of you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Freedom Center is your hub of culture, and the nearby Roebling Bridge gives you easy access (both by car and foot) to Northern Kentucky.

And, if you want even more, a streetcar stop just two blocks away offers a cheap ride deeper into Downtown and Over-the-Rhine where options for eating, drinking, shopping, and playing improve considerably.

Seeing is believing, so to reinforce this fantasy lifestyle you've enjoyed thus far, head to the gallery above for photos of Radius at the Banks.

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Radius at the Banks is located at 44 Freedom Way (45202).