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Rachael Ray's furniture line is at Furniture Fair. Blending gorgeous design with hidden functionality, these pieces are surprisingly awesome. Who knew? / Image courtesy of Furniture Fair

See What Rachael Ray Has Cooking With Her Furniture Line, Now At Furniture Fair

When a celebrity promises us a furniture line ranging in style from “city mouse” to “beat-up Italian country,” she'd better deliver.

Why? Because “city mouse” and “beat-up Italian country” sound like the perfect pieces of furniture. I’m imagining some gorgeous fusion of utilitarian compactness and rustic weathering.

Yep, I think you’ll agree it sure would be a shame if the furniture didn’t live up to those wonderful descriptions.

Well, color us impressed.

Rachael Ray — the adamantly non-chef chef of “$40 a Day,” “30-Minute Meals,” and “E-V-O-O” fame — made big promises with her furniture line, and she delivers.

You can find it at Cincinnati’s Furniture Fair. Check it out.

What Ray’s descriptions don’t capture are the two pivotal elements of this furniture line: its variety and its functionality.

First, there are really two collections here. The Upstate Collection belongs to that “beat-up Italian country” description; it focuses on heirloom-type designs with warm, rustic cherry finishes mixed with metal and fabric accents.

Meanwhile, the Highline Collection is what she calls “city mouse” style: it’s bold, fresh, and clean with hidden functionality.

Now, about that functionality, Ray set out to create furniture that would look great (uh, check) while also providing solutions for modern nuisances. So you’ll find many electrical charging outlets in the furniture, as well as (get ready to have your mind blown) a kitchen island with a cutout that can be opened to dispose of scraps (!!!) during your mise en place madness.

Yep, this stuff is the height of great design.

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