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Pop Rocket Creations Blends Retro Americana With Modern, Quirky Design

While absorbing bits of Americana on a Route 66 road trip (and pulling over to photograph roadside curiosities along the way), ideas began forming in the minds of local artists Melissa and Kyle Sliney.

Growing up, Melissa and Kyle were bookworms who were fascinated by history, art, and science fiction. Always reading and doodling, they followed their artistic inclinations through college. Kyle earned a degree in digital design from DAAP, and Melissa graduated from Ohio University with a degree in photojournalism.

After helping each other out on freelance projects over the years, and after their excursion out west, those ideas formed on the Route 66 trip finally crystallized to become Pop Rocket Creations, a husband/wife photo and design duo who have a flair for infusing retro designs with fun, modern twists.

Coupled with their quirky style, the duo's blend of skillful design and photography allows fellow creatives and businesses to elevate their aesthetic in a variety of ways; logo refreshes, product photos, and designing promotional materials are among Pop Rocket's specialties. Their niche market ranges from solo entrepreneurs to museums that specialize in products, services, and unique and offbeat experiences.

While creative client work is the rocket fuel, the spark comes from their kitschy product line. If you've been to the City Flea or the O.F.F. Market, you've likely wandered toward the Pop Rocket booth. Like a moth to flame, it's easy to get caught in the tractor beam of bright colors and bold designs of their collection of enamel pins, stickers, patches, t-shirts, and screen prints. A closer look at their products reveals a plethora of pop culture references that contain a burst of mid-century moxie, nods to sci-fi, and homages to rock & roll.

Pop Rocket's scope of inspiration is wide and eclectic, often looking to vintage neon signs, Americana, and the 1980s' revival of mid-century style to satisfy nostalgia-lovers. The rocket logo behind the brand is also more than just the iconography of the creative duo. Kyle’s grandpa was a chemist for NASA. The rocket logo and the sense of adventure in the Pop Rocket persona is part of their DNA.

And while you might not have a rocket scientist relative, the brand can still be part of your ensemble and/or living space. Visit the Pop Rocket Creations booth at craft shows around town, or check out the brand's online store.

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Follow Melissa and Kyle's adventures on Instagram. Check out their booth at the O.F.F. Market on November 17-18 at MadTree Brewing, and see them at the Crafty Supermarket on December 1 at Music Hall, as well.