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PONS is the Cincy-based bed-in-a-box startup that offers exquisite mattresses of varying sizes in convenient, compact packages for easy delivery. They also make stylish queen-size bed frames you can assemble without tools in less than 5 minutes. POP-UP SHOP ADDRESS: 1315 Main Street (45202) / Image courtesy of PONS // Published: 5.16.17

This Cincy Startup Wants To Sleep With You

It’s hard to make a mattress chic, but Cincy-based bed-in-a-box startup PONS has managed to pull it off.

PONS' founder and creator, 29-year-old 'Nati native Ar-iaya Haile, spent two years researching and developing the sleep technology behind his mattress and frame using what he calls “empathetic engineering.” That means understanding customers’ pain points when shopping for a bed and then actually working to make the experience better. The tagline claims PONS is "one bad-ass bed," so we set out to find out more.


Well, if you've ever...

  • ...Endlessly hunted for the Goldilocks of beds—one not too hard; not too soft—PONS' memory foam core was specifically designed to offer pressure point relief in the places you need it most, like your shoulders and hips.

  • ...Woken up drenched in sweat, the company's proprietary PONS foam and cooling gel may provide relief.

  • ...Suffered not having an outlet near your bed to charge your phone or e-reader, the PONS frame offers a fix with built-in USB ports.

  • ...Struggled to get a box spring up the spiral staircase of your OTR home, the PONS mattress and frame doesn’t require one. In fact, its frame takes less than five minutes to assemble, no tools necessary.

  • ...Gotten tired of tipping delivery men—yet again—this bed is for you; it literally pops out of a box.


Return both the mattress and frame for a full refund (within 100 days) with free shipping.

If you’re intrigued enough to want to check it out in person, don't sleep on it. PONS has a pop-up shop on Main Street, but only through the summer.

Mattresses are available in a 65” x 95” twin all the way up to a 112” x 108” California king, as are the company’s line of fitted bed sheets, comforters, and pillowcases, set to debut this summer. Prices start at $599 for a twin mattress and $1,199 for a queen-size frame (currently the only size available).


The PONS pop-up is located at 1315 Main Street and is open through Summer 2017.