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The Play Library houses a collection of board games, toys, and vintage toys that can be enjoyed by all ages, including very young children. The library's mission is to "make the world a funner place" through play. ADDRESS: 1306 Main Street (45202) / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 6.7.19

The Play Library Makes OTR (And the World) a "Funner" Place For Us All

The Play Library, which recently moved to 1306 Main Street from Elm Street, brings an entirely different host of community activities to an ever-changing Main Street OTR.

Main Street programming generally runs a bit older, with nearly all of it geared toward adults. Bars, pizza joints, apartments, art galleries, and shops rule the majority of both sides of the street. There's little for the younger generation to appreciate, aside from macarons and a fantastic art store, of course. Heck, even Main Street's ice cream shop is alcohol-centric.

However, as of Sunday, June 9th, that will change. The Play Library opens the doors to its new space. And their mission is simple: make the world a funner place.

To them, play is the vehicle for connection, and connection ultimately breeds a healthier community. The more connection Play Library creates, the more we understand each other. In an era of intense political and racial divides, Play Library believes positive connection facilitated by play will do well to bridge them.

In other words, by using board games and toys, people spend time with one another and forge relationships they might otherwise resist.


The Play Library has three sections: a vintage toy museum, an older kids/adults game section, and a younger kids game section (which is in a separate room from the other two sections). Board games and toys line the shelves in each area, with monochromatic murals painted along the walls. Soft astroturf covers window benches, a table is flanked by swing chairs, and the extra space offered by the new Main Street location lends itself well to dynamic programming.

According to Joni Sherman, Play Library's Executive Director, the storefront plans to host a variety of events geared toward a spectrum of people. Crafting classes for the little ones, art courses for older kids, and Rhinegeist-sponsored beer and board game nights for adults are just a few of the many events planned for the space.

And though events are a shiny component of the new Main Street location, merely coming in with friends and family for a game of Jenga on a Friday afternoon is always an option, too. The Play Library has a specific set of hours: Thursday through Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM, and Sunday from 12 PM to 5 PM.

If you want to play Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, you can always schedule it with them. Play Library recommends calling or checking Facebook for available times.

For pricing and information about memberships, Play Library's website has everything you need to know.

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Play Library's new location can be found at 1306 Main Street (45202).