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Rachael Hetzel, owner and operator / Image: Sarah Vester // Published: 8.3.17

Pistachio Press Makes Paper Goods That Fans Of Stationery Will Adore

If you’re like me, you geek out at the chance to buy anything made of paper. The love I have for new notebooks and stationery is a little stronger than I care to admit, but I’m willing to let some of it show as I introduce you to Pistachio Press.

This nutty little paper press is owned and operated by Rachael Hetzel. After informally operating for four years, she officially opened the shop in 2007 while living in upstate New York. Two years ago, Hetzel and her family moved to Cincinnati and brought Pistachio Press with them. This was no easy task as it meant moving four large presses, one table-top press, and more paper and ink than you can imagine.

The large presses can print just about anything, and they work by feeding a piece of paper between rollers that press the paper onto an ink-covered plate. The pressure from the rollers transfers the ink to the paper and leaves an impression from the plate. It’s kind of like using a giant rubber stamp… only the stamp is metal and weighs 2,000 lbs.

Every design is created by Hetzel herself, drawing from personal experiences and the humor of everyday life. Custom invitations and sassy (or not-so-sassy) stationery are just a couple things she can do, but if you ask nicely, she can squeeze more out of the printing press.

Pistachio Press is eco-friendly, too. Every print is made using rubber-based ink and cotton paper (or at least 30% post-consumer paper). Hetzel also uses natural solvents to clean her studio and hauls out all of her scraps to her car to be recycled.

Unfortunately, Pistachio Press doesn’t have its own storefront, but you can find it in several stores around Cincinnati and all of it online. (Let’s be honest, we all love a reason to online shop.)

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Pistachio Press is located in Essex Studios at 2511 Essex Place (45206). Stop by Your Friends and Neighbors on Woodburn or Poeme in Hyde Park to get a quick fix for all your nutty paper needs.

P.S. If you're wondering where the name came from, Hetzel wanted something with an alliteration, and when a friend was upset that a flight the two of them were on didn't have pistachio biscotti , she found the perfect one.