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Memorial Hall recently reopened after an $11 million-dollar renovation, including upgrades such as a new backstage and HVAC system, among other things. ADDRESS: 1225 Elm Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 12.14.16

An $11 Million-Dollar Renovation Turned Memorial Hall Into One Of The Best Venues In Cincy

Memorial Hall is the Marty McFly of historic Over-the-Rhine buildings.

It recently traveled through time and arrived in 2016 with a plethora of modern upgrades that’d make any exuberant, wild-haired weirdo excitedly scream “GREAT SCOTT!”

But Memorial Hall doesn’t have to get up to 88 MPH to be beloved as a Beaux-Arts throwback. Designed by the firm of Samuel Hannaford & Sons and built in 1908, it features all the flashiest architectural details, from full-blown sculptures lining the top of the fa├žade to an incredible, multi-level auditorium topped by a painted dome ceiling (just check out that gallery above and you’ll see what I mean).

And its brand new upgrades are a combination of several much-needed modern assets that realign it with today’s technological age. Sadly, it lacks a set of gull-wing doors, I couldn’t find a hoverboard in any of the closets, and there’s no flux capacitor (as far as I know), but what it did get after its $11 million renovation will have you clamoring to see a show and attend an event there ASAP.


  • New flooring throughout the building
  • The addition of a backstage(huge upgrade!)
  • New, larger restrooms
  • Expanded seats with added cushions
  • New catering spaces
  • An entirely new back of the building that includes an elevator
  • Loads of technological upgrades, including audio and visual enhancements for performances
  • And my personal favorite upgrade of them all: climate-controlled goodness in the form of AIR CONDITIONING

That’s right! No more sweaty shows in the summer at Memorial Hall. You can actually wear your three-piece suit to a performance without having to apologize to the dry cleaner when you drop it off afterwards.


One look at the Memorial Hall website is enough to fully grasp how much content the venue has planned for the community from the onset of its reopening. Right now alone, you can see rooms filled with elaborate Lego scenes, you can watch seasonal movies such as It’s A Wonderful Life and The Muppet Christmas Carol, and you can see a family-friendly rendition of Mozart’s fairy tale opera The Magic Flute.

And this is only the beginning.

To be honest, witnessing a historic building in our community given a facelift of this magnitude is sweeter than seeing green-track-suit-clad Biff waxing George McFly’s Beamer.


Check out Memorial Hall’s awesome new website to read more about what it has planned for the upcoming year.