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Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati / Image: Aaron Duesing // Published: 11.21.18

It's Hard to Find a Better Cityscape Photog Than Aaron Duesing

Would you believe us if we told you Aaron Duesing has only been in photography for about four years? In just that short amount of time, he’s managed to paint every corner of Cincinnati in crisp, saturated wonder through the combination of precise camera clicks and his unique style.

“You can always learn something new,” Aaron encourages. “Even when it’s difficult, put yourself outside your comfort zone.”

Aaron loves trying new things when it comes to techniques in shooting and editing. Rain or shine, Aaron captures the energy and beauty of the city using various perspectives. He reaches all sorts of photography heights—even quite literally after photographing the Roebling Suspension Bridge from atop it.

For now, photography is only a special hobby for Aaron Duesing, but after recently launching his own website where he can sell his prints, who knows what the future holds. We do know it’ll look good, though. We asked him a few questions to see where he gets his photographic inspiration.

Cincinnati Refined: Sum up yourself in a few sentences.

Aaron Duesing: I’m a CAD technician at a civil engineering firm by day. When I’m not doing that, I’m either out taking pictures or volunteering as a sound technician and alternate drummer for the contemporary music ensemble at Mother of God Church. I’m generally quiet, but I like to laugh.

CR: What inspired you to become a photographer?

AD: I’ve always liked photography and videography, and I even took classes to develop my skills. Also, I have a great-great uncle who dabbled in photography, and I scanned a lot of his shots when my grandpa died to give to other family members. Then I got a camera for Christmas, and I started taking photos of my own.

CR: What’s your favorite camera to use?

AD: My Canon 5D Mark IV.

CR: What’s the one lens you can’t live without?

AD: My 24-105mm lens. It gives me a wide range of options for different shots.

CR: Do you have any favorite camera tricks you’d like to share?

AD: I like to take multiple exposures of the same scene so that I can combine them later in Photoshop.

CR: Do you have a favorite place to shoot around town?

AD: The Roebling Suspension bridge.

CR: Most memorable/favorite experience while shooting?

AD: There are a couple. One was a trip to Chicago where we shot from 9:30 am to midnight around the city. The other was the two times I got to go to the top of the Roebling Suspension Bridge to shoot the Cincinnati skyline from the south tower.

CR: How would you describe your photographic style?

AD: I like to take photos of cityscapes and landscapes. I often try to capture the subject matter from unique angles to give viewers a new experience of an everyday scene.

CR: What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t taking pictures?

AD: I enjoy working with the music group at church. I’ve known most of them all my life, so they are like a second family to me.

CR: What’s something that’s still on your photography bucket list?

AD: I’d love to go to New York City and shoot there. Next year, though, I’m planning a trip to Ireland, England, and France.

CR: Any tips for aspiring photographers?

AD: Always try to learn new things. Look for photography classes, both online and in the community, where you can learn. Network with other photographers at local meet-ups, and shoot with people who know more than you do so you can learn from them.

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You can check out more of Aaron Duesing’s work in the gallery above, and you can visit his website here.