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975 Willow Avenue is a 5-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom estate in Glendale. And it’s currently on the market for $975,000. / Image courtesy of Coldwell Banker West Shell / Published: 10.24.16

This Glendale Estate Would Make Even The Tudors Blush

First, dear reader, a point of semantics.

In order to be described as an “estate” (which this home is), you must have a quasi-palatial home sitting on acres of wide-open space, preferably with a fountain, a hedge maze, a cadre of servants tending to your needs, and a throng of nouveau riche bourgeoisie at the gates.

Glendale’s 975 Willow Avenue doesn’t have the fountain or the hedge maze or the servant staff or the bourgeoisie (probably for the best). But it does have everything else, including a large, stately home built on nearly three acres of open land in one of Cincinnati’s finest communities.

And do suppress that image in your mind of an Old World home with Old World amenities, because in this case it's an assumption without merit. The estate at 975 Willow certainly has the bones of an Old World home, but all the amenities on the inside are as new and modern as it gets.

Oh, and if we were giving out an award for “Most Luxurious Bathing Experience,” this house would probably take the cake. Why? Just check out the gallery. (But you were going to do that anyways, weren’t you?)

Best part is you don’t have to be French royalty to pluck it off the market. All you need is $975,000.

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For more information on the home at 975 Willow Avenue, check out the listing.