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This beautiful house at 750 Old Ludlow Avenue is a 7-bedroom, 6-bath, old-world masterpiece. Listing price: $1,000,000 / Image courtesy of Coldwell Banker West Shell

One of P&G's Founders Built This House as a Wedding Gift

Majestic. Regal. Grandiose. ... This house is unabashedly beautiful in that old-world sort of way. It could pass well enough for the estate of some legendary 19th-century British parliamentarian.

But there's something timelessly vibrant about it as well. Check out those photos. The colors just -- POP! -- hit you in the face. Even unadorned walls and unfurnished rooms are somehow filled with character.

Sure, the moldings and the styles might lull you into thinking this is just some relic of the past. But even counting all the modern masterpieces I've come across in Cincinnati, this home is still one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

Wonderfully stately and in its own way provocative, 750 Old Ludlow Avenue is one for the ages.


- 7 bedrooms
- 6.5 baths
- Built in 1873
- 3-story historic brick construction on a stone foundation
- 2.41 acre lot


- This house is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was designed by Samuel Hannaford, who also designed many notable structures in our region, including City Hall and Music Hall.

- Originally commissioned by Procter & Gamble co-founder William Procter, it was intended as a wedding gift for his daughter Olivia and her new husband, businessman Thomas Morrison.

- The house is situated at the end of a private drive off of Ludlow Avenue in historic Clifton. Aside from the multiple bedrooms and baths, the home has a foyer, office, recreation room, library, kitchen, butler's pantry, formal dining room, family room, separate wings for private living, and an expansive wine cellar that holds 2,600 bottles of wine.



Oh, right... The price.

That'll be $1,000,000 please. Cha-Ching!

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For more info on this house, check out the official listing. Or take a virtual tour of the property.

The house is listed by Coldwell Banker West Shell agent Perrin March. Visit his page here.