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2541 Erie Avenue is a 4-bed, 3.5-bath renovated Hyde Park home that's a mere three blocks from Hyde Park Square. It's currently on the market for $889,000. / Image: Justin Sheldon Photography // Published: 1.5.19

Living Three Blocks From Hyde Park Square Would Probably Rule

Ah, Hyde Park—the neighborhood that puts a twinkle in every East Sider's eye. The place where a trip to Arthur's means an avocado bacon Hyde Parker burger with a stop at Lululemon to buy expensive stretchy pants afterward. The place where art galleries, coffee shops, and coffee-shops-posing-as-art-galleries call home. The place where an all-American breakfast at The Echo and a British dinner at Cock & Bull are separated by a four-hour food coma during a deliciously lazy day.

Sure, there's more to Hyde Park than the Square. The Observatory, parks, country clubs, good schools, manicured lawns beneath beautiful homes, winding streets filled in equal measure with character and sidewalks to safely traverse them, etc. You don't need to hear all the reasons it's good. (Though you might need to drown out the extremely audible eye-rolling of proud West Siders reading this right now.)

The reason we're focusing so hard on the Square is due to it's proximity to 2541 Erie Avenue. Or should we say, 2541 Erie's proximity to the Square.

Three blocks. That's how far the future residents of 2541 Erie *COUGHmaybeyouCOUGH* have to walk to get to Graeter's on a summer evening. Three blocks is all you'll need to carry your reusable bags of fresh produce and bread from the farmers market back to your sophisticated, open kitchen. Three blocks is all it'll take you to get to the beating heart of your new neighborhood that straight up rules.

Plus, it's right behind one of the prettiest streets in the entire city. Only need to walk one block for that.

It's not all about living in Hyde Park, either. 2541 Erie could be placed in any Cincy neighborhood and still be a mega-nice place to live. It's a freshly remodeled three-story house with every bit of the character from its earlier years that you want without the stuff you don't. Here's what it's packing into 2,800 square feet:

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3 full bathrooms, 1 half-bathroom
  • An open floorplan
  • Hardwood floors
  • Loads of cabinetry and storage
  • Bespoke tile in the master bathroom
  • A wrap-around driveway with ample parking
  • Brand new appliances, windows, HVAC system, and roof
  • A huge front porch
  • All of it for $889,000

The only thing it's missing is an owner. You have an agent to contact and a Hyde Parker to devour in your future, friend.

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2541 Erie Avenue in Hyde Park is listed by Keller Williams Advisor's Realty. You can find the full listing here.