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New Chi is a multi-use building (with rentable commercial and private space) located at 139 McMicken Avenue in Over-the-Rhine (45202). / Image: Amy Elisabeth Spasoff // Published: 10.28.16

This Space Has Two Degrees Of Separation From John Travolta

The New Chi story is a little bit complicated.

There are lots of moving puzzle pieces, which eventually come together to form one, singular puzzle. But I'm not about to make you sit here and watch me work on a 1,000-piece puzzle.

So this is the Sparknotes version. ... The need-to-knows to get you going "Ooh" and "Ahh, that's really cool." Yep. 'Cause while I never skimmed a book in high school... this ain't high school anymore. And I (nor you) have time for Moby (freakin') Dick right now.

The Where:
139 McMicken Avenue

The What:
It's a four-story, multi-use building. The first floor is used as a commercial space, housing Custom Pro Logistics (a company very similar to TQL). The second floor is a private apartment. The third and fourth floors are a combined loft space which includes a rooftop deck. It can be rented out for special events, short-term leases, or even as an Airbnb.

The Who:
College friends Devin Reilly and Dan Bascone are the brains and brawn behind the operation. Reilly founded Custom Pro Logistics. Bascone lives in the second-floor apartment. (He has a day job, too, but it's irrelevant to this story. Okay, moving on!)

The Why:
Location -- With a location one block from the streetcar line, Rhinegeist, and Findlay Market, they are in a prime spot to benefit from plenty of future development that's soon to head north into Over-the-Rhine.

Price point -- Buildings that aren't [yet] in the thick of things are more affordable.

Structural layout -- In order to realize their more open-layout concept, they needed a space with a stairwell on either the front or backside of the building. 'Cause if you've ever tried to move the location of the stairwell... word to the wise, it's no easy feat.

The When:
The search process began in May 2014. The purchase took place in November 2014. The renovation process was ongoing through this year but has pretty much wrapped up. There are still cosmetic touches; but other than that, it's good to go.

The (Really) Cool Part:
You know all the movies now filming in Cincinnati with stars like John Travolta (Gotti movie), Nicole Kidman & Colin Farrell (The Killing of a Sacred Deer movie)? Well, those movies have movie crews. And in both films we mentioned about two sentences ago, members of the crew have rented out the second, third, and fourth floors respectively during their time in town.

So Devin & Dan's dreams of having a super cool space that people want to rent out was realized, in some ways, before they were even ready. They literally bought everything for both apartments one weekend at Bargains & Buyouts because the Cincinnati Film Commission called and told them they had people ready to move in.

Now beyond the short-term, month-to-month leases, the guys envision the space as something that could be rented out for events or even bridal parties. I mean... if you're having a wedding at Rhinegeist and you want a cool place to get ready, this could (& should) be your answer.

- - -

Dang, I thought the Sparknotes version would have come in at less than 500 words, but I told you this story was complicated. Now scroll back to the top -- if you haven't already -- and check out the pics. That's all you care about anyway. It's cool. We know ;)

New Chi is located at 139 McMicken Avenue (45202) in Over-the-Rhine.